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Posted by IndustrySelect
Welcome to our weekly rundown of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. right now. At MNI, as well as providing quality industrial sales leads among 400,000+ industrial business in the U.S., we also keep track of what equipment, parts, services millions of industrial buyers are searching for across 11,000 distinct product and service categories on our industrial marketplace IndustryNet.
Posted by IndustrySelect
It's no secret that customer retention tends to cost a lot less than new customer acquisition. However, not every organization has a strong customer retention strategy in place.

From boosting revenues to unlocking loyalty, a business-to-business (B2B) customer retention program can support company-wide goals and become a cornerstone for customer success.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The textile industry ranks among the oldest manufacturing industries in the United States, starting with Samuel Slater's yarn spindle plant, established in Rhode Island in the year 1790.

The industry has expanded significantly since then, but suffered greatly from the Great Depression and other more recent factors such as COVID-19 and trade disputes. Nevertheless, this industry remains a critical one. This article will explore some of the key facts and trends in the textile industry in 2021 and will explore the industry's largest textile mills.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For those looking to do business with New York manufacturers, it helps to have a thorough understanding of the state's manufacturing climate. Today we're focusing on some key statistics on New York's manufacturing sector and providing a look at the state's top companies.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported August 5th that U.S. manufacturing companies added new jobs in July, while unfilled positions in the sector declined. Today, we're exploring the most recent manufacturing numbers from the Labor Department, providing the gains and losses by specific subsector, as well as the latest in manufacturing job openings.

Posted by IndustrySelect
While you might be expert at sales openers, ending the call on the right foot is just as important. The last thing you want is an awkward end to your call. In order to stand the best chance with your prospects , you want to make sure the entirety of your call is perfect, and that includes ending the call on the right foot. So how do you end your pitch with your prospect solidly in your funnel? Or, better still, how do you finish with a closed sale? Let's explore both objectives. Here are some techniques for how to end a sales call while keeping your prospects on the hook.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Max Solutions, a differentiated specialty packaging platform has opened its first manufacturing facility in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2021, Max Solutions produces folding cartons and labels, investing in next-generation technology, innovation, and supply chain optimization to deliver its products to the health care and consumer markets. The Bristol plant is one of two manufacturing plants the company Max Solutions is opening this year.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere. Indeed, from cars to appliances, there is a huge demand for these components. In spite of supply chain issues during COVID-19, printed circuit board manufacturers have a bright future. Explore the top U.S. manufacturers in this powerful industry.
Posted by IndustrySelect
A recent study by Bloomberg found that manufacturing executives are bringing more manufacturing stateside, with the construction of new manufacturing facilities up 116% over the past year--racing past the 10% increase for all building projects in the U.S. combined.

Spanning multiple states, representing billions in investments and thousands of jobs, July's new plant announcements ran the gambit of industries, from lithium-ion batteries in Kansas to spaceships in Arizona and waffles in Missouri.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Wisconsin's skilled workforce and its strong focus on innovation have drawn some major enterprises to the state over the years. Home to nearly 10,000 manufacturing plants employing more than 590,000 workers, the Badger State ranks as the 8th largest state in the U.S. for the size of its manufacturing workforce.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Meatpacking plants fall under the agricultural sector in the U.S. economy. Agricultural, food and related industries contributed more than $1 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2020. The food manufacturing portion accounted for 2 million jobs, with meat and poultry manufacturing comprising about 1/3 of these positions. A powerful subsector, the meatpacking industry employs hundreds of thousands and has posted strong growth in the past year, making it a top industry to do business with. This article will explore the key facts and statistics on the industry and examine some of the largest meatpacking companies in the United States.

Posted by IndustrySelect
If you don't know where you're going, it's difficult to get there. Setting goals for yourself or your B2B sales team will tighten your focus. Carefully calculated goalsetting will also clarify your strategy and increase your efficiency. It is widely known that sales representatives' motivation rises more in response to specific goals than by simply aspiring toward superior achievement. That crucial data leads to the vital question, "How do you set sales goals, and which goals should you set?"
Posted by IndustrySelect
Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems, a supplier of corrugated steel panels, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City in response to heightened demand. The new operation is the company's eighth facility in the U.S. and will produce Fabral's post-frame product lines, including a variety of panels, as well as accessories such as flashing and trim.
Posted by IndustrySelect
B2B prospects make thousands of small decisions every day. Will they follow a link to read an article or open the email they just received? You can sway these decisions by crafting powerful headlines. Whether you're grabbing the recipient's attention, making a promise or telling them why they should engage with your content, B2B email subject lines that resonate with your audience can help you get more out of your email campaigns.

How do B2B email subject lines support the success of your email campaigns?
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Electronic components are critical to U.S. industries. In fact, average sales approached $303 billion last year, making up 1.5% of all manufacturing sales.

MNI's data on the electronic components industry can help you get a handle on this lucrative market.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported July 8th that hiring in the U.S. manufacturing sector added new jobs at a steady rate in June, while unfilled positions in the sector declined. Today, we�re exploring the most recent manufacturing numbers from the Labor Department, providing the gains and losses by specific subsector, as well as the latest in manufacturing job openings.
Posted by IndustrySelect
With its abundant natural resources, low labor costs and business-friendly environment, the state of Nebraska is home to some major names in the food processing and transportation equipment sector.

Today, we're providing some key facts on Nebraska's manufacturing sector and exploring the state's ten largest industrial companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
As U.S. manufacturers continue to contend with shortages of critical materials, more companies are stepping up to shorten the supply chain, investing billions in U.S. manufacturing. This month, we saw the establishment of the nation's first rare earth materials manufacturing facility, filling a long-awaited gap in the nation's electronics supply chain. Meanwhile, multiple announcements were made across a wide range of industries, including the biotech, transportation, defense, food and packaging sectors.

Let's explore some of the most exciting new manufacturing companies announced in June 2022.
Posted by IndustrySelect
West Virginia has long been known for its coal mining industry, but over the past decade the state has transformed its manufacturing sector, attracting enterprises from a wide range of industries to its borders. West Virginia's largest manufacturers are emblematic of this trend, with some big names in the automotive, food processing, defense, steel and chemical industries all calling the state home.

Today, we're exploring the latest facts on West Virginia's industrial sector and getting to know the state's ten largest manufacturing companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Most people think of the warming months of Q2 as a special and unique time. However, spring brings several seasonal obstacles to sales, such as holidays inviting both retrospection and celebration, distracting from business, prospects often choosing Q2 to take personal time off (PTO), making it difficult to close sales, and the uncertainty of tax season making companies more hesitant to commit funds to purchase. While your closings may temporarily plummet, you can lay the foundation for future success by honing your Q3 sales strategies for B2B.
Posted by IndustrySelect
What could be more frustrating than a sudden dismissal when you've barely begun your pitch? To communicate your product's value, you need to keep your prospects on the line. To accomplish that purpose, you require an opener that will spark customers' interest and keep them engaged. This article explores the best sales openers and describes how you can employ them.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Ferrero North America, part of the global confectionary maker Ferrero Group, today announced plans to invest $214.4 million at its Bloomington, Illinois facility. The new expansion will add another 169,000 square feet to its existing 160,000 square-foot plant and will create 200 new jobs.

This follows Ferrero�s recent announcement of a new chocolate processing facility in Bloomington�its first ever in North America.
Posted by IndustrySelect
You can send emails to half the world, but you're wasting your time if they do not engage. What can you do if your emails don't generate the conversions you need? First, you can ensure recipients actually look at what you send. Using visuals in email marketing campaigns provides the hook you need to grab readers' attention and communicate your message. Here are four reasons why using visuals works, the types of visuals you can use and how to use them effectively.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For those looking to do business with Pennsylvania manufacturers, it helps to have a solid grasp of the state's manufacturing climate, particularly in these fast-changing times.

Today we're focusing on some key insights on Pennsylvania's manufacturing sector and providing a look at the state's top companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
You've spent days honing your subject line to catch the eyes of your customers. You've agonized over every word and every link to keep the message brief and on point for each of your market segments. You've included an irresistible offer. Finally, you pull the trigger and hit send. Hundreds of emails fly out to your eager clients!

Then you wait, and wait ... and wait. Several days pass with very few bites. Why? Did your subject line trigger spam filters even though you were so careful? Or could be a simple as the email address you're using? If you're using a free email service provider, such as AOL or Yahoo, your beautifully designed campaign might just be in email purgatory. Find out why your email ends up in the spam folder, how you can reflect professionalism with your email address and how to do it in an inexpensive way.
Posted by IndustrySelect
When we think of the state of Colorado, "the great outdoors" is the first thing that comes to mind. But Colorado is also a powerful manufacturing state, with a diverse industrial landscape that includes two major breweries as well as big names in defense, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and food processing.

Today, we are exploring Colorado's innovative manufacturing sector and exploring the largest industrial companies operating in the state.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Following a trend we've seen over the past several months, May's new manufacturing plant announcements reveal rapid growth in the electric vehicle industry, with several new EV and battery technology plants in the works. As U.S. manufacturers continue to grapple with shortages of critical materials, more companies are stepping up to the plate across numerous industries, shortening the supply chain and investing billions in U.S. manufacturing.

Let's explore some of the most exciting new manufacturing companies announced in May 2022.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Veteran-owned businesses are a cornerstone of the U.S. economy, comprising 5.9% of all businesses in the United States. Overall, veteran-owned businesses in the United States employ 3.9 million workers, with a combined value of $947.7 billion.

But what about veteran-owned manufacturing companies, specifically?

MNI continues to encourage veteran-owned companies to update their MNI profile so they can be more visible to potential customers.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The state of Connecticut boasts a diverse manufacturing sector, making everything from high-tech aeronautics equipment and medical devices to semiconductor components and pharmaceuticals. With its highly educated workforce and focus on advanced manufacturing, Connecticut remains a top destination for high-tech and innovative enterprises.

Today, we're exploring some of the key facts on the state's unique industrial sector and examining Connecticut's ten largest manufacturing companies, based on data collected by MNI.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Fans of the TV show "The Office" are very familiar with the red brick tower featured in the show's opening sequence. But few know that the iconic tower belongs to the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply of Scranton, PA, which happens to be celebrating its 100th anniversary on May 20th.
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