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IndustrySelect User Reviews

"We love it! We have created MFG files based on SIC codes and moved it into to help us establish leads/opportunities. It's quite a comprehensive list, so thanks to you and your team for creating a great product."
Plateplus, Inc.
5 Star Review
"MNI's IndustrySelect database is a must for every salesperson, marketer and business owner trying to maximize time and effort with key accounts in a specific geographic territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products and services. It will enable you to immediately identify the key contacts within key companies so you can ‘hit the ground running' and not lose valuable time looking for those accounts. The database is updated regularly and offers many filtering criteria that enable you to sort the information based on ‘key account' criteria such as, company; geography, # of employees, revenue, SIC codes, and other criteria. Plus, you can save your searches in editable files that will enable you to develop and manage those accounts going forward. In addition to telephone contact information for each company I would highly recommend getting emails for key contacts you need to communicate with. That will save you a lot of time and frustration, especially if you plan to use email to help develop the accounts. IndustrySelect is reasonably priced and provides lots of value for your investment. You will realize ROI within your first sales. It's easy-to-use, quick and accurate, which is exactly the kind of critical selling tool busy salespeople need to achieve and exceed their sales quota! If you are a salesperson, or responsible for a sales team, I highly recommend equipping yourself or team with this invaluable selling information and tool."
21s Century Selling Skills
5 Star Review
"Have 3 appointments next week for sales of large volume accounts already out of first 13 contacts. That's nearly 25% return on small amount of time I've invested. Very pleased with IndustrySelect, and it meets our needs for cold calls perfectly. Your product takes the hassle out of calling on new clients and provides for an enjoyable experience during the process."
Pallet King Enterprises, Inc.
5 Star Review
"IndustrySelect worked great - quick and easy! The fields were laid out nicely and made uploading to my CRM smooth and efficient. Very nice product!"
Utility Cost Engineers
5 Star Review
"The system is impressive and is exactly what we were looking for."
Mississippi State University
5 Star Review
"We are using the IndustrySelect database to locate and contact prospects. The database is easy to use and sort. Overall, we have found the database to be more accurate and reliable than other databases we have used in the past."
Combined Systems Technology
5 Star Review
"Online directory is great. Able to make more contacts with the current database. Great product."
Precision LaserServices, Inc.
5 Star Review
"This database was exactly what I was looking for. The information is up-to-date, you can customize your subscription (I customized mine to lower the price), and you can download the database to an excel spreadsheet if you need to print it off. I spent a lot of time researching databases for business leads and this was definitely the best bang for your buck."
August Mack Environmental
5 Star Review
"I was able to access the records I wanted and print mailing labels in no time at all. I would not hesitate to utilize your services again."
F.J. Dahill Co., Inc.
5 Star Review
"I continue to use your product on a daily basis. I have in fact been awarded business from a sales contact from your information that far and away pays for the product."
E-MEK Technologies
5 Star Review
"I love the program on line, it's so easy to use. You folks have done GOOD with this item, it should be a great seller."
Delta Sales Company
5 Star Review
"Our sales personnel have found this to be a very useful tool, and the fact that it can be used with their iPhones is a bonus."
Presscut Industries, Inc.
5 Star Review
"I highly recommend MNI to several people because it is an excellent resource with valuable data. When I am approached about renewing our MNI subscription it is a resounding yes!"
BACO Controls
5 Star Review
"The IndustrySelect mobile web app is one of the main reasons that I wanted the subscription. Your site is very easy to navigate and found the set up even on my older android totally intuitive."
Marshall Wolf Automation
5 Star Review
"Great prospecting tool!"
C.H. Robinson
5 Star Review
"Love the new IndustrySelect system. Way better than the CDs and Books."
LGL Logistics
5 Star Review
"I absolutely love this system. Lightning fast, very accurate and extremely user friendly. Thanks for encouraging me to move in this direction."
Industrial Restoration Systems, Inc.
5 Star Review
"IndustrySelect is one of the best purchases we ever made for our project at Keystone. We have been using the database extensively for various analysis and tasks for the last 5-6 months."
Keystone Strategy
5 Star Review
"The setup of the site is very user friendly. I thought it was a nice touch to have the driving directions. I also like the high level contact types."
5 Star Review
"AEHH is extremely happy with the IndustrySelect product we purchased from you. All of our salesmen use it on a daily basis and it already has resulted in AEHH getting into accounts and getting orders from accounts we have never dealt with before. In December 2015 we did a target marketing program. We worked with the manufacturers of the one of the products we sell, and created a list of accounts that had over 50 employees. We used the names provided in the database and called and left a message of the product we wanted to introduce them to. We said we would send information and asked them to review. We followed up to see if there was any interest. This one pilot study resulted in incremental sales for AEHH of over $10,000. Nice way to end the year! We have now adapted that approach to market the other manufactures we represent and implemented this into our sales & marketing strategy. Also, we import the list into google maps and use the program to allow us to call on clusters of accounts while in an area. This enables us to be more efficient with our sales miles we put on our trucks! Excellent product! Thanks for hooking me up with IndustrySelect!"
Air * Electric * Hydraulic & Hoist LLC
5 Star Review
"We managed to contact our target audience with a less than 8% bounce rate. Really appreciate the quality work and quick turn around."
Data Gumbo
5 Star Review

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