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Compare Versions

IndustrySelect is available in multiple versions, each uniquely designed to fit your individual needs and budget. View subscription pricing.

  Basic Plus Standard Premium
Detailed Company Profiles with Executive Names & Titles (View Sample)
Company Email Address Included when Available (e.g. info@, sales@)
Search for Companies & Contacts by Name, Phone, Address, Brand, Web/Email
Build Unlimited Prospect Lists by Company Location, Industry, Size
Search and Sort Over 30 Data Fields
Parent Company Data Included
View Individual Company Profiles One at a Time
Print Individual Company Profiles One at a Time
Accessible on PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone
Mobile Web App with "Companies Near Me" GPS Functionality
Database Updated Weekly
12-Month Subscription and Data License
Video Training Library and Weekly Webinars
Unlimited Phone & Email Support
Copy & Paste Data from Screen
Multi-User Licensing
Company Family Tree View
View Potential Competitors
Save Unlimited Prospect Lists with Your Custom Criteria
Save Companies into Virtual Rolodex
Save Contacts into Virtual Rolodex
Add and Share Personal Company Notes
Share Individual Company Profiles by Email
Save Individual Company Profiles to PDF
Export Individual Company Profiles to Address Book or Calendar
Print Unlimited Company Detail Reports    
Print Unlimited Company Summary Reports    
Print Unlimited Mailing Labels with Avery® Templates    
Scan All Company Profiles with Previous/Next Buttons    
Bulk Exclude Your Current Customers    
View Company Profile Update History    
Bulk Export Unlimited Company Profile Lists to Excel/Text File 1    
Look Up Single Companies or Contacts and Export Profiles to Excel/Text File 1      
Executive Email Addresses & Phone Numbers Viewable with Company Profile 2 3 4    
Executive Email Addresses & Phone Numbers Printable on Company Detail Reports 2 3      
Executive Email Addresses & Phone Numbers Individually Exportable to PDF/Address Book 2 3      
Executive Email Addresses & Phone Numbers Bulk Exportable to Excel/Text File 1 2 3      

1 Bulk export unlimited company profiles up to 20,000 at a time. Larger lists must be broken up into smaller searches with fewer than 20,000 companies.

2 Direct email addresses are available for approximately half of all executives. Licensed for 12-month use. Subject to additional licensing provisions and restrictions.

3 Direct phone numbers are available only for executives within Energy Industry Business Database susbcriptions at this time.

4 Plus version subscribers can view up to 500 direct executive email addresses and phone numbers per day, subject to throttles on how quickly they can be viewed. Compiling, harvesting, or extracting email addresses either directly, through additional personnel, by hiring an outside firm, or by any form of automation or scraping for purposes of building a mass email list is strictly prohibited. The intent of the Plus version is to look up companies and send individually personalized emails to select executives. The Plus version is priced vastly lower with the expectation that a more limited number of email addresses will be utilized on a one-at-a-time basis only. To export the full list of executive emails, check out the Premium version.

Features and functionality subject to change at any time. Usage subject to certain terms & restrictions. See the License Agreement for additional details.

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"I spent a lot of time researching databases for business leads and this was definitely the best bang for your buck."
August Mack Environmental
5 Star Review
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