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Welcome to IndustrySelect

People-powered industrial data since 1912.

We profile nearly a half million industrial businesses. But we're unlike any other data provider. We don't scrape the web for outdated, inaccurate, or unreliable data. The foundation of our company profile data is built on real human research, complemented with our own proprietary technologies for data verification and quality control.

Through our team of more than 80 incredibly dedicated data researchers, we scour hundreds of sources on-and-offline to pinpoint industrial businesses, large and small. Each company is contacted multiple times annually to ensure its information remains up-to-date and complete. In total, more than two million pieces of mail are sent, one million phone calls placed, and three million emails go out to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our company profiles.

We can put you on a first name basis with nearly million executive decision makers.

We dive deep into a company's make-up, identifying as many as 40 key facts about the business, including multiple contact names per company. You won't find a more powerful tool to reach the executive with the final decision-making authority. Multiple data points allow you to zero-in on your best prospects by company location, size, and industry. Proprietary business descriptions help you pre-qualify buyers of your products & services. Addresses are CASS+DPV certified and NCOA verified regularly. View a sample profile.

Some data providers inflate their numbers by including agents, reps, copy shops, and companies no longer in business. Others sell lists that are incomplete and miss many smaller companies. Only IndustrySelect does the careful, thorough, and proactive research necessary to ensure that every qualified business is included and kept current.

IndustrySelect is a service of MNI, the nation's oldest and largest compiler and publisher of industrial information. Our flagship publication, the Illinois Manufacturers Directory, dates back to 1912. Major news portals, newspapers, and radio & TV stations report the results of our research.

IndustrySelect is used by the hottest startups and biggest brands.

Top reasons why IndustrySelect is the #1 most trusted sales platform:

  1. World's most accurate and comprehensive data, researched by real people not scraping or bots
  2. Unique data points not found anywhere else that can only be acquired through our live research
  3. Human research + hundreds of automated/AI data checks = truly unmatched accuracy
  4. Incredibly intuitive user interface with the fastest learning curve in the industry
  5. Most powerful search features and enhanced criteria to accurately zero-in on your ideal buyers
  6. Unmatched data on a company's corporate hierarchy & family tree and its direct competitors
  7. Flexible export options let you use the data easily and productively, such as import to CRM
  8. Unlimited live training provided for your entire sales staff at no additional cost
  9. Unlimited technical support provided for your entire staff at no additional cost
  10. Secure, reliable service backed by the industry's most trusted data company founded 120 years ago
  11. Error-free access on any device including your PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile version for smartphones
  12. We respect your privacy and will never harvest your computer, address book, contacts, or emails for data
  13. No mandatory multi-year contracts, no cancellation fees, no "auto renew" at the end of the year
  14. Simple, all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing with no credits, tokens, or other "pay per" type additional charges
  15. The lowest "per record" rate when compared to other prominent data providers
  16. Customize your subscription to pay for only what you want and need, works with any size budget
  17. Sales training resources & webinars to help you achieve the greatest success with our data
  18. Enterprise-level accounts allow you to share a single subscription for your entire company
  19. Exclusive Intent Data shows which products & services are in highest demand at no extra cost
  20. Analyze and clone your best customers with our powerful Customer Match service at no extra cost
  21. Friendly service with no high-pressure sales tactics we go above and beyond to ensure your success

Types of companies that use IndustrySelect to grow their businesses:

• Manufacturing Companies
• Staffing/Recruiting Firms
• Trade Schools/Universities/Specialty Training
• Government Agencies & Associations
• Software (SaaS) & IT Companies
• Transportation & Logistics Firms
• Utility & Energy Companies
• Financial Firms
• Real Estate Firms
• Engineering & Consulting Firms
• Industrial Distributors & Suppliers
• Cleaning & Maintenance Companies
• Safety & Environmental Consultants
• Machinery Repair & Maintenance Companies
• Automation Consultants
• Industrial Planning & Relocation Consultants
• Packaging & Warehousing Firms
• Marketing, Sales & Communications Firms
• Corporate & Regulatory Law Firms
• Human Resources (HR) Consultants
• Construction Companies and Developers
• Security, Surveillance, & Loss Prevention Companies
• Insurance & Risk Management Companies
• Recycling Companies
• Quality Assurance (QA/QC) and Certification Firms
• Research and Development Firms
• Health and Wellness Service Providers
• Supply Chain Management Consultants
• Industrial Design Firms
• E-commerce Solution Providers
• Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Advisors
• Customs Brokers and International Trade Consultants
• Telecommunications Companies
• Event Management & Corporate Hospitality Companies
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
• Printing and Graphic Design Services
• Business Intelligence & Analytics Firms
• Robotics/Advanced Manufacturing Technology Providers
• Prototype Development and 3D Printing Companies
• Chemical Suppliers and Processors
• Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services
• Product Testing and Inspection Services
• Renewable Energy Providers and Consultants
• Corporate Training and Development Firms
• Intellectual Property Law Firms and Patent Services
• Health and Safety Equipment Providers
• Language Services and Translation Agencies
• Virtual Reality (VR) Technology Providers
• Waste Management and Disposal Services
• Corporate Wellness and Mental Health Providers
• Non-profit Organizations and Community Engagement

Check out what real users are saying about IndustrySelect.

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“MNI's lead software program, IndustrySelect, has supplied us with very accurate and up-to-date information on contacts in many areas of the manufacturing industry. These contacts are verified and provide us with quality leads for our business.”
Mueller Electric
5 Star Review

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