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Intent Data from IndustrySelect

IndustrySelect helps sales and marketing teams identify the best opportunities to create new customer relationships and pitch the types of products & services industrial buyers are seeking to purchase at any given moment. IndustrySelect's exclusive intent data shows you where you should focus your efforts to maximize sales, so you can do more with less. All at no additional cost to our users.

How do we do it?

IndustrySelect is a service of MNI, the nation's oldest and largest compiler of industrial data. Our people-powered database has been connecting millions of industrial buyers and suppliers since 1912. Our team of more than 80 data researchers (real people!) contacts nearly every company in our database annually, compiling not only the most comprehensive business data for sales and marketing, but also a wealth of ancillary data we can use to identify statistical trends and visualize complex corporate structures.

Plus, in addition to IndustrySelect, MNI also operates IndustryNet, a leading industrial marketplace used by millions of buyers annually. Buyer search data and online quote requests (RFQs) from IndustryNet give MNI access to a treasure trove of private and unpublished data on industrial products and services that are in highest demand at every moment in time.

Relationship Data with Family Trees & Headquarters

Long gone are the days of contacting individual field offices to book more business. With IndustrySelect's Family Tree function, you can view the relationship between the parent companies, divisions, and subsidiaries. See in graphical form which companies are owned by whom, their corporate ownership and reporting structure, and who has the ultimate decision-making authority for the entire organization. Plus, IndustrySelect's powerful HQ search function lets you quickly zero-in on headquarters only, sparing you the time and effort of contacting individual field offices. Many users will even look up their existing customers and use the Family Tree function to see what other companies they may be connected with, then ask for a warm introduction. It's all about leveraging relationships.

Buyer Interest in a Prospect's Products & Services

Millions of buyers visit IndustryNet to locate new suppliers of products and services. An interactive graph on the company profile shows you the number of times buyers are searching IndustryNet to purchase the products and services offered by that company. You can prioritize prospects whose products and services are in highest demand as they are likely in growth mode and ready to spend.

Buyer Interest in Prospect vs. Competitors

Millions of buyers visit IndustryNet to connect with companies across the supply chain. An interactive graph on the company profile shows you the number of times buyers are searching IndustryNet to purchase from that company vs. the average of its competitors. You can prioritize prospects who are most sought out as they are likely in growth mode and ready to spend.

Buyer Demand of Over 11,000 Products & Services

Millions of buyers use IndustryNet each year. In total, IndustryNet lists more than 11,000 types of industrial products and services. Enter any product or service by keyword, and IndustrySelect will create a custom graph charting buyer demand over the past 18 months. Discover whether the products or services you offer are trending up or down in demand over time. Prioritize the prospecting of your products or services that buyers are signaling are in highest demand.

View buyer demand of your products or services at industryselect.com/resources/intent/demand.

Expert Analysis on High Demand Products, Services, & Regions

Our specialists analyze data from millions of buyers who use IndustryNet to locate industrial products and services. Each week we analyze search volume to determine which products and services are in highest demand. We also analyze which products and services are trending up in search volume, indicating an increasing demand in the coming weeks. Buyers are signaling they want to hear from suppliers of these products and services.

We also analyze data on a state-by-state level. Find out which states are experiencing the fastest growth or the fastest exodus. Plus, learn which industries are most prominent in any given state, top cities and counties by employment, top employers, and much more. This is data you can use when researching new sales territories or where to expand next.

This data is published on the IndustrySelect Blog: High demand products & services at industryselect.com/blog/resources and state data & statistics at industryselect.com/blog/state.

Multiply Your Best Customer

At the end of the day, nobody knows your customers better than you. With our Customer Match program, we can clone your very best customers and find thousands more just like them. You provide us a list of your best customers, and we will analyze and profile them, and dig deep into the IndustrySelect database to find more just like them. Customer Match is a free service for our users.

Learn more about IndustrySelect Customer Match at industryselect.com/about/match.

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