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Posted by IndustrySelect
As coronavirus continues to reshape the U.S. manufacturing sector at breakneck speed, sales and business development executives are left wondering which industries are most likely to need their goods and services. Multiple economic reports point to a contracting manufacturing sector, yet some industries are busier than ever.

This article will explore some of the potential growth industries as the nation's industrial sector transforms into a coronavirus-fighting machine, gleaning some key insights from the latest reports on manufacturing. These are the manufacturers that may potentially need services such as staffing, software, financial, transportation, janitorial/maintenance and more.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Under the threat of the coronavirus, many manufacturers have been forced to shut down. Food manufacturing companies are still up and running because the federal government has deemed this industry critical to the health and well-being of our nation.

The United States has 22,485 food processing plants. Get to know the top 10 food manufacturing companies in the U.S.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. continues to accelerate, sending a shock wave through the economy at large, upending multiple industries, and shining a spotlight on the critical role U.S. manufacturers play in meeting the needs of this growing crisis.

For those looking to make contact with industrial companies, COVID-19 has been a gamechanger. This article will examine the specific manufacturing industries that are still up and running in the time of coronavirus.
Posted by IndustrySelect
If your business is going to succeed in the manufacturing market, you need to have the right business development approaches in place.

Of course, tackling business development in the manufacturing market is easier said than done. There is a variety of factors that you have to pay attention to when appealing to this market.

Business development, sales, marketing ... what's the difference, anyway?

It's important to note that today, many roles that are technically sales or marketing roles are now "business development" positions, rebranded for a variety of reasons.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The multi-billion dollar medical and surgical instrument manufacturing industry is predicted to grow substantially in the future.

Although the industry is in the midst of a mild stagnation period due to international trade instabilities, the demand for these devices is so strong that industry contraction has been mostly avoided.

Medical and surgical instruments cover a wide variety of machines, tools and equipment used in healthcare and surgery. The majority of these products must be made for compliance with sterile conditions.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For B2B salespeople in the manufacturing market, experiencing rejection from a prospect is rough. A simple "sorry, we can't move forward with this offer" from a prospect can equate to week's worth of lost time and effort for the seller.

So, how should you handle rejection from a potential prospect? In the fifth and final part of our series Common Objections in B2B Sales & How to Overcome Them we're tackling the sticky issue of rejection.

Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can take to make handling rejection in sales a more straightforward process.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Having a deep understanding of your market is essential to building relationships and nurturing leads.

For those looking to do business with Virginia manufacturers, IndustrySelect's database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers contains a vast amount of hand-verified data to help users understand their market and create a list of prospects.

Today, we're sharing some of these key facts and insights provided by Virginia's manufacturers.
Posted by IndustrySelect
In 2019 the U.S. manufacturing market experienced a noticeable contraction overall, leading to sizeable losses for several industries.

However, the U.S. pipe and valve fittings industry continued to surge, marking it as a premier target for salespeople and marketers in the manufacturing market.

In recent years, eight companies have made their mark on the U.S. pipe and valve fitting manufacturing industry.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Despite recent challenges, U.S. manufacturing is still going strong, with several new companies announced in February. This article will take a look at some of the major new manufacturing enterprises on the horizon.

Posted by IndustrySelect
"Listen, can I get back to you about this?"

It's a phrase that has killed countless sales. Say it to any experienced sales rep, and you'll probably see them deflate before your eyes.

But do clients who say, "I'll get back to you" just want to let you down easily? The answer may be more complicated than you think. Let's explore what clients really mean when they hit you with this phrase.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Taken at face value, manufacturing is a simple process. A manufacturer receives raw materials, transforms them into a product and ships that product to a recipient.

Of course, the reality of manufacturing is more complicated in 2020 than ever before.

Today, we'll be examining some of the most notable trends affecting manufacturing and why manufacturers need logistics now more than ever before.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Welcome to Part Three of our "Common Client Concerns and How to Address Them" series, where we give salespeople and marketers in the manufacturing industry the tools they need to outpace competitors and seal deals.

Last week, we took a look at some winning responses to clients who say they need more time to think over your proposal.

But what about those prospects who are too busy to even take your call?

Posted by IndustrySelect
U.S. manufacturers are currently undergoing some major shifts, and the U.S. service machinery manufacturing industry is no exception.

Making everything from drink dispensary machines to industrial cleaning equipment, here are the top 9 manufacturers making machinery for the service industry.
Posted by IndustrySelect
We recently briefly covered the U.S. service machinery manufacturing industry and the top nine companies that inhabit it. This industry manufactures a number of products including food service appliances, cleaning products and maintenance supplies.

Today, you'll see the industry in greater depth.

If you're a salesperson or marketer in the manufacturing market, stay tuned. You won't want to miss this summary of key trends that will affect U.S. service machinery manufacturing moving forward.

Posted by IndustrySelect
For as long as the U.S. has been an independent country, manufacturing has been a staple of its commerce. Although U.S. manufacturing as a whole has faced a slew of challenges in recent years, the industry remains a core element of the country's economy.

In 1970, the manufacturing industry accounted for 24.3% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That's double what it was in 2018.

While the U.S. is still the largest manufacturer in the world (accounting for 18.2% of the world's goods), the gap between it and other countries is closing fast.
Posted by IndustrySelect
"Uh...yeah, that all sounds good. Can I just have some time to think it over?"

If you're a salesperson - no matter how good you are - you've heard a client say some variation of that question before. Dealing with prospects who need to "think it over" can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to mean a lost sale if you handle it correctly.

You can overcome this hurdle next time it pops up during your sales pitch by reinventing how you approach this vague response.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The oil and gas field machinery manufacturing market, like many manufacturing markets today, is in a consistent state of fluctuation.

For salespeople and marketers, keeping track of the market at large can be tricky, but understanding some of the largest companies and their values can aid you in taking the right sales approach.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Anticipating how U.S. manufacturing industries will evolve in the coming years is often challenging, and the oil and gas field machinery manufacturing industry is no exception. For salespeople and marketers, understanding the trends that will define the industry in 2020 is important, and precisely what we're covering today. Read on to discover three trends that will dominate oil and gas machinery manufacturers in the coming year(s).

Posted by IndustrySelect
According to MNI's database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers, nearly 5% of the nation's industrial firms have reported either sales or employment growth to us.

Throughout 2019, MNI reported on a number of new plants and expansions, growing industries and top states. The start of 2020 is looking hopeful, with a number of new manufacturing enterprises announced over the month. This article will take a closer look at the new U.S. manufacturing plants announced in January.
Posted by IndustrySelect
While U.S. manufacturing, in general, has slumped to a 10-year low, the conveying equipment industry is currently experiencing a CAGR of 4.6% and is predicted to value over $7 billion by 2026. Data from MNI indicates an employment increase of 4.41% year-over-year in the US conveying equipment industry.

If you're interested in capitalizing on that growth, here are three things you need to know about the conveying equipment industry in the U.S.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The latest findings on U.S. manufacturing labor represented a mixed bag for the nation's industrial sector. According to the most recent jobs report, the U.S. shed 20,000 jobs in December, and overall the U.S. manufacturing sector added just 46,000 jobs in 2019, compared to a record 264,000 jobs the nation gained in 2018.

This doesn't mean, however, that U.S. manufacturers overall are not looking to hire.

In fact, a separate report issued by the Department of Labor finds there are nearly a half million unfilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Ask any B2B salesperson or marketer what the hardest part of selling a product or service is, and there's a good chance they'll answer, "clients who don't want to pay for it." There are few more frustrating responses than "Well, I really appreciate your time and what you're trying to do, but I'm having trouble justifying the price."

Fortunately, there are several proven ways for salespeople and marketers to close deals - even with reluctant clients.

Read on to learn our favorite ways of overcoming objections from B2B clients when it comes to price.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The conveying equipment industry is experiencing exponential growth.

Globally, the industry is expected to eclipse a market value of $60 billion by 2025, putting the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 3.5%. The market is currently dominated by the Asia-Pacific region, which will hold around 35% of the total market share by 2025.

To gain a greater understanding of the industry, this article will cover the seven largest U.S. conveying equipment manufacturers, based on data collected by MNI.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The U.S. has historically housed a robust industrial machine manufacturing industry, and that hasn't changed heading into 2020. While the Asia-Pacific region holds around 48% of the current industrial machine manufacturing market, the U.S. boasts another 20%, marking it as a standout - even when butted up against superpowers such as China.

Around 20,000 industrial machine manufacturers in the U.S. across different industries pull in combined revenue of $350 billion, according to MNI, compiler of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect.

This article will take a look at the largest industrial machinery manufacturers in the U.S., based on MNI data.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Since the advent of its industrial revolution in the 1820s, the U.S. has been a mainstay in the industrial machinery manufacturing market. From Douglas T. Ross's invention of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in 1953 to the introduction of ABB and KUKA-made industrial robots in 1973 and beyond, the U.S. has been a pillar of innovation. In this article, we'll examine the trends that will define the industrial machinery manufacturing industry in 2020.

Posted by IndustrySelect
As 2019 ends and 2020 begins, it's a busy time for salespeople and marketers targeting manufacturers. The October-December rush inspired by Manufacturing Day is winding down, and professionals are designing and improving new sales techniques for the next major sales cycle.

If you want to outpace the competition, you'll need to be on the cutting edge of the market. Here are five B2B sales strategies that can help you get more customers in 2020.
Posted by IndustrySelect
2019 was whirlwind year for U.S. manufacturing companies and the B2B sales and marketing professionals that do business with them. IndustrySelect's blog has aimed to bring special insight and the latest news to those sales, marketing and business development professionals who sell to U.S. manufacturing companies.

The IndustrySelect blog covered a lot of ground in its first year but some stories stood out from the crowd. Today, we're going to take a look at some of the most compelling stories of 2019.
Posted by IndustrySelect
MNI is pleased to announce the launch of IndustrySelect Plus, a budget-friendly version of its database subscription that provides a fourth tier of access to IndustrySelect's high-quality industrial sales leads.
Posted by IndustrySelect
According to IndustrySelect's database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers, 4.7% of the nation's manufacturing companies have reported either sales or employment growth to us over the past year.

Most recently, we've reported some promising growth among packaging equipment manufacturers, while recent data shows U.S. manufacturing output and industrial employment both rebounded last month.

Meanwhile, manufacturers in the U.S. continue to break ground on new facilities and announce expansions.

This article will provide a roundup of the new U.S. manufacturing plants announced in December.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For those looking to do business with New York manufacturers, it helps to have a thorough understanding of the state's manufacturing climate. Today we're focusing on some key statistics on New York's manufacturing sector and providing a look at the state's top companies.
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