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September witnessed a flurry of growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector, with significant investments and expansions announced across multiple sectors. From electric vehicle batteries to aerospace components, clean energy solutions, and more, this month showcased the resilience and growth of U.S. industry. Don't miss our exclusive roundup of the most exciting new manufacturing operations announced in September!
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Home to MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts has its pick of innovators and the state�s manufacturing sector reflects that, with strongholds in medical and surgical instruments, electronics and pharmaceuticals. This article will explore the latest data on Massachusetts manufacturers and share some essential insights provided by the state�s top industrial companies.

Posted by IndustrySelect
The arrival of fall presents a perfect opportunity to give your data a much-needed refresh. This cleanup will involve reviewing and updating your market database, but you�ll ensure it�s accurate and free of �dead wood.� By refreshing your information, you will target your prospects better, add more personalization to marketing campaigns, and strengthen customer relationships.
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We are excited to announce that IndustrySelect, the ultimate industrial sales and marketing platform, is now available on the leading online automation platform Zapier. With this new feature, IndustrySelect Premium subscribers can easily send company profiles to Zapier and connect them with over 5,000+ other apps on Zapier. This opens up a world of possibilities for streamlining your sales and marketing workflows, saving you time and money.
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As supply shortages and high prices continues to plague the U.S. manufacturing sector, more industrial buyers are on the hunt for deals on steel products, especially steel tubing. For most of 2021, steel tubing has ranked among the most-searched product categories on the industrial marketplace IndustryNet, indicating heightened demand for steel tubing used in machinery, hydraulic systems, conveyor belts and utility grids.
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With its low business costs and abundant natural resources, Montana is an attractive state for many manufacturers. While historically strong in the lumber and wood industries, the state has also drawn a diverse set of industries to its borders in recent years, including some key players in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Missouri is a state with a strong industry. Aerospace, transportation, and food products are among the top sectors driving growth in the Show-Me state. Let�s take a closer look at Missouri manufacturing trends and the top companies in these fields.
Posted by IndustrySelect
As the year marches steadily toward its close, industrial B2B salespeople find themselves at a critical juncture. The calendar may suggest summer's grasp lingers, but in reality, the fourth quarter looms large on the horizon. This final stretch of the year brings with it unique challenges and opportunities, making it a season of immense significance for those in the sales arena. Success in Q4 hinges on preparedness, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the shifting dynamics that define this period.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Fall is a time of change, renewal, and reflection. It's also a perfect time to re-engage with your B2B prospects who may have lost touch with your company over the summer (or longer!). Whether they were busy with vacations, projects, or other priorities, you want to remind them of the value you offer and the benefits of staying connected.
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West Virginia has long been known for its coal mining industry, but over the past decade the state has transformed its manufacturing sector, attracting enterprises from a wide range of industries to its borders. West Virginia's largest manufacturers are emblematic of this trend, with some big names in the automotive, food processing, defense, steel and chemical industries all calling the state home.

Today, we're exploring the latest facts on West Virginia's industrial sector and getting to know the state's ten largest manufacturing companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The month of August was ripe with new manufacturing plant announcements, encompassing some major projects from First Solar, Northrup Grumman, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, and more. This month was all about solar, with multiple new solar projects announced, as well as new enterprises in the transportation equipment, food processing, and biotech industries.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Homes and businesses cannot function without modern appliances. The U.S. appliance manufacturing sector includes refrigerators and freezers, washers and dryers, cooking appliances, and heating and cooling appliances.

While the increase in the sector's jobs over the last year was modest at 0.99 %, you can expect emerging intelligent technologies and increased consumer purchasing power to drive further growth.
Posted by IndustrySelect
With its abundant natural resources, low labor costs and business-friendly environment, the state of Nebraska is home to some major names in the food processing and transportation equipment sector.

Today, we're providing some key facts on Nebraska's manufacturing sector and exploring the state's ten largest industrial companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For selling business-to-business (B2B), you require a unique set of skills. While business-to-consumer (B2C) sales can hinge on a catchy slogan or intriguing packaging, you must present a convincing pitch because it�s how you address your customers' specific pain points and explain how your product or service brings relief.

While you are making your way past gatekeepers to decision-makers, competing sales reps are pursuing similar paths. To prevail, you need every advantage you can get. Ongoing education for B2B sales professionals provides the edge to seal the deal.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The U.S. plastics and manufacturing sector is a dynamic and growing industry, demonstrating strong exports and employment growth in recent years. A large and complex industry that encompasses everything from mechanical rubber goods and gaskets to plastic film and foam products, having a deep understanding of this market can help industrial sales and marketing professionals navigate the industry. This article will break down the key elements of the rubber and plastics sector in the U.S, including major subsectors, and will examine the latest trends, statistics, and challenges in the industry.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Wisconsin's skilled workforce and its strong focus on innovation have drawn some major enterprises to the state over the years. Home to nearly 10,000 manufacturing plants employing more than 590,000 workers, the Badger State ranks as the 8th largest state in the U.S. for the size of its manufacturing workforce.

Posted by IndustrySelect
The textile industry ranks among the oldest manufacturing industries in the United States, starting with Samuel Slater's yarn spindle plant, established in Rhode Island in the year 1790.

The industry has expanded significantly since then, but suffered greatly from the Great Depression and other more recent factors such as COVID-19 and trade disputes. Nevertheless, this industry remains a critical one. This article will explore some of the key facts and trends in the textile industry in 2021 and will explore the industry's largest textile mills.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Glass manufacturers provide essential materials for different industries, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications and consumer products.

This sector has experienced steady growth over the past few years, and there are new products and opportunities to be aware of when selling to glass manufacturers.
Posted by SalesLeads, Inc.
You've heard the saying, "It takes a village." That's the case when Vice President of Sales & Marketing, John Rabon came to MNI and SalesLeads to help turn around their sluggish sales. Fluid Systems, an equipment provider for mining, industrial operations, and oil & gas, had begun to experience a downturn in business. The company turned to Mr. Rabon to lead them back on the right track.
Posted by IndustrySelect
For those looking to do business with Pennsylvania manufacturers, it helps to have a solid grasp of the state's manufacturing climate, particularly in these fast-changing times.

Today we're focusing on some key insights on Pennsylvania's manufacturing sector and providing a look at the state's top companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Lawn and garden equipment manufacturers offer a wide range of products designed to help homeowners and businesses maintain green spaces. According to manufacturer data, this industry is experiencing growth, and new opportunities are opening up as manufacturers embrace tech innovations.
Posted by IndustrySelect
With minimal resources, informing your audience of your company's name and superior solutions takes time and effort. But you can do B2B marketing on a budget if you define your costs, leverage email marketing and social media, collaborate with influencers, and harness user-generated content (UGC). We'll tell you how to do that below.

Posted by IndustrySelect
With nearly 600 industrial companies, Delaware is the nation�s smallest state based on number of manufacturing facilities. But although the state�s industrial sector is small, it is also powerful, home to major pharmaceutical companies, advanced manufacturing facilities, medical equipment manufacturers and large food processing companies.

This article will explore the latest facts on Delaware�s manufacturing sector and will provide details on the top manufacturing companies in Delaware.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The latest employment summary from the U.S. Department of Labor reports hiring in the U.S. manufacturing sector picked up speed in June 2023, recouping May's losses. In this article, we'll examine the latest data from the Labor Department, exploring manufacturing job losses and gains by specific subsector.
Posted by IndustrySelect
If you are a sales or marketing professional in the B2B industrial world, you know how challenging it can be to generate and nurture leads. The manufacturing industry is complex, competitive and constantly evolving, and your prospects may have long and unpredictable buying cycles.

But what about the leads that you already have in your database? The ones that showed some interest in your products or services, but never converted into customers? Are they still worth pursuing, or should you focus on finding new leads?

The answer is: it depends. Some old leads may have gone cold and lost interest in your offerings, while others may still be open to hearing from you and learning more about how you can help them solve their pain points. The key is to identify which old leads are worth re-engaging, and how to do it effectively.

In this blog post, we will share some key ways to re-engage old leads in B2B manufacturing.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Amidst reports of economic uncertainty, the U.S. food production industry shines as a beacon of growth. With 22,407 companies providing 1.5 million jobs and average annual combined sales of $1.8 trillion, the industry continues to thrive despite challenges faced by certain subindustries. In this post, we'll explore the vital statistics and subindustries of the U.S. food production industry and why sales continue to increase.
Posted by IndustrySelect
When we think of the state of Colorado, "the great outdoors" is the first thing that comes to mind. But Colorado is also a powerful manufacturing state, with a diverse industrial landscape that includes two major breweries as well as big names in defense, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and food processing.

Today, we are exploring Colorado's innovative manufacturing sector and exploring the largest industrial companies operating in the state.
Posted by IndustrySelect
It might be the dog days of summer, but U.S manufacturers were hard at work, announcing plans for major new industrial projects across the country. This month, we saw continued investment in the EV industry, while innovation in biotech continued to soar. Food production, packaging, and HVAC products also took a front seat, offering further evidence that while current business conditions are challenging, the future is bright for U.S. manufacturing.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The state of Connecticut boasts a diverse manufacturing sector, making everything from high-tech aeronautics equipment and medical devices to semiconductor components and pharmaceuticals. With its highly educated workforce and focus on advanced manufacturing, Connecticut remains a top destination for high-tech and innovative enterprises.

Today, we're exploring some of the key facts on the state's unique industrial sector and examining Connecticut's ten largest manufacturing companies, based on data collected by MNI.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Industrial plating and polishing are essential processes for enhancing the appearance and performance of metal products. Explore the top 10 U.S. manufacturers of these services and their specialties, as well as some key trends and statistics on the industry!

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