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Nurturing Your B2B Sales Leads in Manufacturing: Best Practices

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, September 30, 2019

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There are currently 12.8 million employees working in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers contributed $2.38 trillion to the United States' economy in 2018. As the manufacturing industry grows over the next decade, it is expected to add at least 4.6 million more jobs.

The U.S. currently acts as a significant driver for manufacturers. U.S. manufactured goods exports have quadrupled over the past 28 years. The industry brings in $1.89 for every dollar spent.

So, it's little wonder that many businesses have decided to focus their sales outreach on the manufacturing industry. If your B2B company is going to thrive in the manufacturing industry, you need to be capable of nurturing your leads.

Excel at Nurturing Sales Leads

According to 2014 research from Forrester, marketers see an average 20% increase in sales from nurtured leads as opposed to unnurtured leads.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer's journey. It focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects and providing the information and answers they need.

Additionally, Forrester says that businesses who "excel" at nurturing leads can generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.

To more effectively nurture sales leads, focus on personalization above all else. Personalized email campaigns can create up to 600% more sales than non-personalized campaigns. The open rate for personalized emails was about 5% higher than non-personalized emails in 2016.

The Reasons to Love Personalizationbusiness_owner

Personalized campaigns draw clients into your business closely by treating them as individuals, rather than just generic leads. Using personalized marketing material fosters customer loyalty by allowing your business to build a rapport with potential clients as soon as they're a prospect on your email list.

Despite their utility, only 39% of online retailers actually use personalized emails. In other words, personalization can also help your business stand out from competitors. Moving forward, personalization of marketing materials should be a priority focus when nurturing leads for your B2B company.

Think Beyond Email Marketing

While email marketing is undoubtedly useful, 79% of marketing leads contacted through email still won't turn into sales (on average). So, start looking for other marketing methods.

For example, social media marketing can engage your business with demographics that email marketing simply isn't as useful for. Video marketing is another frequently under-utilized marketing method that can be great for connecting with potential clients, particularly personalized video campaigns.

Focus on immediate follow-ups, but not too many. If you contact a prospect five minutes after they convert on your website, your odds of entering them into the sales funnel are 21 times greater than if you reach them after 30 or more minutes. Immediate follow-ups are vital if you want to nurture leads.

However, don't push it. Despite how most prospects receive an average of 10 touches, marketing firms don't suggest you reach out more than five times to a prospect. The takeaway here is simple: reach out immediately, but don't overreach if you'd like your leads to convert into sales.

Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry

It's essential to understand what potential clients are looking for relative to their niche. For example, many aircraft parts manufacturers are focusing efforts on additive manufacturing. So, a business-to-business solution that can be applied to additive manufacturing may be uniquely appealing to those manufacturers.

Always aim to work with live data when deciding how to approach prospects. Live data will allow you to understand and target the current needs of a prospect, rather than focusing on needs a prospect has already moved past.

If you're searching for the perfect way to get live data for leads, consider the benefits of IndustrySelect. IndustrySelect subscribers can gain up to 30 data points to help them identify and pre-qualify the best leads. Profiles include the names, titles and email addresses for hard-to-reach executive decision makers, helping you get in touch with the people who matter.

All IndustrySelect data is hand-verified by Manufacturer's News Inc.'s (MNI) 80-person data research staff and updated on a live, 24-hour basis. Moreover, IndustrySelect's sales data team can advise you on how to use IndustrySelect data effectively. Start a free demo today!


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