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10 Largest U.S. Manufacturers of Screw Machine Products

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, November 18, 2020



Screw machine products are components created through the use of turning lathes. As evidenced by the name, the first products produced were metal screws.

Today, the range is far broader and includes hardware, bolts and mechanical parts. Screw machine products are used in every industry imaginable, making this sector quite resilient.

A Quick Rundown

COVID-19 had an effect on this sector due to lockdowns that curtailed the output of businesses that demand screw machine products. As they reduced production, the screw machine product sector contracted slightly in response. The total number of jobs reduced by just 11 to 20,308 in total. Average sales are currently just above $2.3 billion.

MNI's database of 500,000 industrial companies, including more than 800 U.S. screw machine manufacturers, shows that the vast majority of screw machine product companies are privately held, with only 1% being public entities. International distribution is modest at 30% while the import of raw materials is a low 11%. Geographic concentration is highest in the Midwest with 53% of all companies based there. A full 25% call the Northeast home, and the South and West are nearly equal with 12% and 10% respectively.

Largest 10 Manufactures of Screw Machine Products in the U.S. 

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc.MeadvillePA497
Lake Region Medical, Inc.Brooklyn ParkMN420
Tompkins ProductsDetroitMI350
Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co.GenevaIL300
Swiss Automation, Inc.BarringtonIL300
Alco Mfg., LLCElyriaOH250
Creed Monarch Inc.New BritainCT250
Microbest, Inc.WaterburyCT250
ATF, Inc.LincolnwoodIL200
DAPCO IndustriesDexterMI200

About the Top 10 Manufacturers of Screw Machine Products

Let's learn more about the top 10 largest screw machine products manufacturers.

1. Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc.

Acutec Precision Aerospace is a certified woman-owned small business, one of 50 in the sector that meet that criteria. Based in Meadeville, Pennsylvania, this facility features 210,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space that meets AS9100C certification standards. They offer turning, machining, honing and grinding services to a variety of industries, but the 497 employees largely focus on aerospace, specifically rotor vibration damping and jet engine hot section components.

2. Lake Region Medical, Inc.

Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, this company produces components for medical OEM devices. Many of these devices are related to minimally invasive cardiovascular and neurovascular procedures, an ever-growing field of medicine. A total of 420 people work at this facility.

3. Tompkins Products

Originally a screw machine product supplier to the military during WWII, Tompkins Products is now a leading supplier for the automotive industry. The Detroit-based company is still owned by the Tompkins family, and their 350 employees partner with OEM manufacturers to innovate unique solutions for brakes, transmissions, steering systems, defense, industrial and consumer products.

4. Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co.

Piston pins may be the backbone of this company, but they have many more capabilities across several industries. Founded in 1903, Burgess-Norton Mfg. specializes in complex, high-tonnage assemblies such as fuel pump gears, crankshafts, notch plates and hydraulic manifolds. A total of 300 people work at this Geneva, Illinois company.

5. Swiss Automation, Inc.

Swiss Automation uses multi-axis CNC screw machining technology to manufacture high-quality components for medical, aerospace, firearms and hydraulics. Always working to create the next generation of technicians, their apprentice program is highly regarded within the industry. Of the 300 employees, seasoned machinists and equipment manufacturers both partake in the education and training of new employees at the Barrington, Illinois location.

6. Alco Mfg., LLC

Founded in Elyria, Ohio back in 1971, Alco Mfg. quickly became the region’s leading provider of hydraulic parts for local industries. Today, they continue that tradition by producing specialized and custom fittings for all manner of fluid couplings. The facility employs 250 people to make the screw machine products.

7. Creed Monarch Inc.

New Britain, Connecticut has been the home of this family business for over 65 years. With over 200 customers worldwide, this company and its 250 employees can produce parts via multi-spindle turning, CNC milling, broaching, rotary transferring, CNC turning and grinding. Recently installed solar panels at their headquarters produce just under 1 megawatt of power to help keep their operations green.

8. Microbest, Inc.

Growing from 12 employees to 250 took time, but during that period, Microbest established itself as a leading provider of firearms parts from its Waterbury, Connecticut home. Microbest is perhaps best known for creating firing and cam pins for the ubiquitous M-16 rifle, formerly used by the US Army and US Marines. Today, the company has major customers in law enforcement and defense.

9. ATF, Inc.

Based in Lincolnwood, Illinois, this company started as a surplus supplier of fasteners for the military. Today, Bosch, Continental, Toyota and Magna are just a few of the companies that rely on ATF's 200 employees for parts and components.

10. DAPCO Industries

In Dexter, Michigan, there is a 90,000 square foot facility where DAPCO manufactures screw machine products for small engines, transmissions, fuel systems, power tools and marine vehicles. Family-owned and family-operated, they currently have 200 employees.

Contacting Manufacturers of Screw Machine Products

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