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Top Manufacturers of Cleaning Chemicals in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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The cleaning chemical industry is one of the sectors that is actually doing well despite the COVID-19-induced recession. In fact, according to an analysis of search trends on the industrial marketplace IndustryNet, chemicals were the second most-searched category during the month of May.

Of these, cleaning chemicals were by far the most popular. This comes as no surprise, as businesses look to adopt sterilizing protocols and safer work environments during the economic reopening.

Record Sales in a Downturn

CDC guidelines dictate that sterilizing frequently touched surfaces is statistically significant in reducing the spread of COVID-19. These surfaces include tabletops, walls, rugs and floors, sale keypads, shopping carts, door handles, and all bathroom fixtures. This alone has driven demand for cleaning solutions to never-before-seen levels.

As would be expected, the total revenue for this industry is extremely high. Due to COVID-19, the increase in market demand for hand sanitizers alone is predicted to top 600% in 2020.

According to MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, Only 255 companies identify as manufacturing or distributing cleaning chemicals, with the majority of them located in the South and Midwest (44% and 27% respectively).

Additionally, 70% of the cleaning chemicals industry focuses on domestic distribution. Below are the largest cleaning chemical companies currently in the United States.

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Top Manufacturers of Cleaning Chemicals in the U.S.

Top CompaniesCityState Number of Employees
Zep, Inc.AtlantaGA610
Buckeye International, Inc.Maryland HeightsMO250
Champion Packaging & Distributing, Inc.WoodridgeIL250
U. S. Nonwovens Corp.LudlowKY220
Chemico Systems, Inc.ChesterfieldMI200
Weiman Products, LLCGurneeIL172
Royal Chemical Co.MacedoniaOH160
Dober Chemical Corp.WoodridgeIL155

About the Top Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers in the U.S.

Zep, Inc.

Located in Atlanta, GA, this manufacturer houses 610 employees. Founded by three entrepreneurs whose initials were Z, E and P, Zep Inc. has become the leader in cleaning solutions for vehicle care, food and beverage, retail, and industry. Over the last 80 years, Zep has grown both organically and through the acquisition of leading brands.


Ecolab started in Greensboro, NC, with just one powder intended for cleaning hotel rugs. Nearly 100 years later, they have over 3 million customer locations and 450 employees, and they continue to innovate with new methods of dispensing, packaging and monitoring chemicals.

Buckeye International, Inc.

The first recyclable and biodegradable “bag in a box” dispenser was invented by Buckeye International in 1988. That is just one of the dozens of innovations and patents created by the company's 250 employees over its 176-year history. They are located in Maryland Heights, MO.

Champion Packaging & Distribution, Inc.

Not only does Champion Packaging & Distribution provide cleaning solutions like muriatic acid, bleach and pool cleaners for both retail and commercial applications, but they also feature two state-of-the-art blow molding and filling facilities. The Woodridge, IL, company has 250 employees.

U.S. Nonwovens Corp.

Solely focused on developing private label solutions for mass-market brands, this Ludlow, KY, company's 220 employees pride themselves on formulating safe and non-toxic cleaning agents.

Chemico Systems, Inc.

Specializing in paint booth maintenance products and coating removal, Chemico Systems also offers facility maintenance products and custom chemicals for any type of cleaning imaginable. This facility and its 200 employees call Chesterfield, MI home.

Weiman Products, LLC

Originally a furniture manufacturer in Gurnee, IL, the Weiman family included a bottle of custom wood polishing cream with each piece. Public demand for the cleaner set the course for the company’s future. Today with 172 employees, Weiman Products is a leading distributor of cleaning supplies as well as the foremost provider of white label detergents for surgical instruments.


Specializing in contract sanitation, Ottumwa, Iowa's QSI focuses on consistency and reliability to give customers the finest in facility care. Just over 160 employees ensure that Quality, Service and Integrity are at the forefront of their jobs.

Royal Chemical Co.

Royal Chemical's 160 employees create custom cleaning solutions for their customers. Every part of the sourcing, production, warehousing and logistics process is handled domestically at one of their five manufacturing plants, with their main location in Macedonia, OH.

Dober Chemical Corp.

Research and development is at the heart of everything that this 155-employee company does. To better serve their customers, Dober Chemical operates multiple labs in their Woodridge, IL, headquarters including coolant additives, formulated detergents, water treatment, performance testing and Smart Release technology.

How to Contact U.S. Manufacturers of Cleaning Chemicals

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