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Top Iron and Steel Mills in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, April 24, 2020



As industries undergo temporary shutdowns to slow down the spread of COVID-19, iron and steel mills have been recognized as an essential industry and have remained open to provide crucial materials for manufacturing, construction, transportation and other industries.

As of 2019, iron and steel foundries provided jobs to 83,000 employees in the U.S., while blast furnaces and steel mills accounted for 63,000 jobs.

With 80% of steel mills focusing on domestic distribution, steel remains a pillar of the US economy. According to MNI, compiler of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, Only 18% of steel mills export their production, a low percentage that can be explained by the fact that many countries adopt protective measures for this industry.

Most steel mills can be found in the Midwest (37%) and in the South (35%), while the Northeast region is home to 16%, and the West houses 13%.

Even though a minority of steel mills are in the West, eight out of the ten largest steel mills can be found in California, Colorado and Oregon.

Top 10 U.S. Iron and Steel Mills

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
California Steel Industries, Inc.FontanaCA1,000
Evraz, Inc.PuebloCO1,000
EVRAZ PortlandPortlandOR500
Carlton Forge WorksParamountCA350
Tube Specialties Co., Inc.TroutdaleOR300
Steelscape, LLCKalamaWA250
Eaton Metal Products Co., LLCDenverCO200
Superior Steel FabricationEugeneOR200
CMC Steel Fabricators, Inc.KapoleiHI190
Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems, LLCBrightonCO175

About the Top 10 U.S. Iron and Steel Mills

These iron and steel mills are still operating and support the U.S. economy by producing essential raw materials.

California Steel Industries, Inc.

Located in Fontana, California, California Steel Industries, Inc. is one of the largest mills in the country with 1,000 employees. This mill offers the widest selection of flat rolled steel products in the West. Additional products include cold rolled sheet, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, pickled and oiled steel, and electric resistance welded pipe.

Evraz, Inc.

The Pueblo mill is one of the six EVRAZ North American production sites. With 1,000 employees, it's among the largest in the country and is home to one of EVRAZ's Product Technology Centers. This manufacturer offers steel and coiled plates, rails, pipes, and recycling services.

EVRAZ Portland

The EVRAZ Portland location is the only plate mill in the West. Its 500 employees also operate quench and tempering lines.

Carlton Forge Works

Located in Paramount, California, Carlton Forge Works and its 350 employees produce highly-specialized rings and forgings designed for use mainly in the aerospace and nuclear industries, among other fields.

Tube Specialties Co., Inc.

Tube Specialties Co., Inc. is a Troutdale, Oregon, manufacturer with 300 employees. This mill specializes in producing OEM parts for the automotive industry and steel tubes for a variety of sectors.

Steelscape, LLC

Steelscape, LLC is a company with 250 employees located in Kalama, Washington. Besides producing metal, this manufacturer uses innovative methods to work with metallic-coated steel and pre-painted steel.

Eaton Metal Products Co., LLC

With 200 employees, Eaton Metal Products Co., LLC is a fully-integrated company located in Denver, Colorado, that handles everything from design to manufacturing. Pressure vessels are one of this manufacturer's areas of expertise.

Superior Steel Fabrication

Superior Steel Fabrication is a Eugene, Oregon, company of 200 employees. They specialize in sheet metal manufacturing, metal fabrication and precision machining. Other capabilities of this manufacturer include powder coating and plating.

CMC Steel Fabricators, Inc

This Kalopei, Hawaii, mill is one of the many facilities operated by CMC Commercial Metals. Its 190 employees produce concrete reinforcing steel for the construction industry.

Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems, LLC

Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems, LLC is an end-to-end business that offers engineering, production, installation, field service and more for oil and gas wells. The Brighton, Colorado, location employs 175 people and manufactures wellhead parts.

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