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Top 20 Maryland/DC Manufacturing Companies & Key Industrial Trends

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, August 19, 2020


In a recent post on states reopening their manufacturing sectors, we took a quick look at the Maryland/DC region, a state that entered Phase One on May 15th, in which the state’s industrial companies were allowed to reopen.

Maryland/DC boasts a small but robust manufacturing sector, home to a number of high-tech industrial companies, many of which are on the front lines of the coronavirus fight and the ongoing race to develop a vaccine and treatment.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes Maryland’s manufacturing sector special and provide a list of its top companies based on inside data collected by MNI.

Key Facts on Maryland Manufacturing Companies

According to MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, Maryland/DC is home to 4,759 manufacturers employing 187,530 workers. MNI reports there are 14,508 executive contacts among Maryland/DC industrial companies, including 2,326 presidents, 1,156 owners and partners; 1,376 vice-presidents and 1,260 sales, marketing and purchasing executives.

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2% percent of Maryland/DC industrial companies are women-owned, according to MNI, while another 1% are minority-owned.

Other facts to know about Maryland/DC manufacturers, based on advanced criteria available to IndustrySelect subscribers:

• 9% are publicly owned companies. This is slightly higher than the national average of 5%
• 10% import raw materials
• 22% distribute their products internationally

Top Industries in Maryland

Maryland’s top industry remains chemicals and allied products, with 202 companies and 20,709 workers, representing roughly 13% of the state’s industrial jobs. Among these are the state’s pharmaceutical manufacturers, which account for 27 companies employing 6,629 workers.

Companies like Gaithersburg’s Emergent Biosolutions and Novavax are among these companies, currently at the forefront of coronavirus research.

Electronic and electric equipment is another powerful Maryland industry, accounting for 12% of the state’s manufacturing jobs. Printing and publishing ranks third with 11%, while industrial machinery accounts for 10%. Rounding out the top five industries is the food processing sector, employing 10% of Maryland/DC’s industrial workforce.

Maryland City Data

Baltimore is the state’s largest industrial city, home to 718 manufacturers and 29,591 workers.

Hanover accounts for 66 industrial companies employing 8,957, while Gaithersburg is home to 157 companies and 8,731 workers.

Washington DC, meanwhile, is home to 267 manufacturers and 21,841 workers.

Business Conditions in Maryland

Maryland/DC’s boasts a highly-innovative industrial sector, with strongholds in biotech and pharmaceuticals. The state is home to a highly-skilled workforce, which has been a major draw for while a number of enterprises. A study by CNBC ranks Maryland 6th in the nation for the quality of its workforce, and 10th in the nation for technology and innovation.

At the same time, business costs in the Maryland/DC region are among the highest in the nation, which remains a major challenge for the state’s industrial companies. However, according to this in-depth report by the industrial marketplace IndustryNet, some new initiative the state has set forth are helping industrial companies offset costs.

In 2017, Maryland governor Larry Hogan established the “More Jobs for Marylanders Act”, which aims to boost manufacturing investment by removing state taxes for new manufacturers relocating to cities in the state. The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland called the Act “The most significant support from state government for manufacturing and for job seekers in decades.” Since its inception, the Act has drawn new enterprises to the state, with at least 124 companies across the country showing interest in this unique incentive program.

Top 20 Industrial Companies in Maryland/DC

Below are the top 20 Maryland/DC industrial companies, based on number of employees. 

Northrop Grumman Corp.8,000LinthicumMD
Ciena Corp.4,500HanoverMD
Medimmune, LLC3,500GaithersburgMD
BD Diagnostic Systems2,000SparksMD
Under Armour, Inc.2,000BaltimoreMD
Emergent BioSolutions, Inc.1,800GaithersburgMD
Volvo Group Trucks1,750HagerstownMD
Textron Systems Corp.1,400Hunt ValleyMD
Hughes Network Systems, LLC1,210GermantownMD
Baltimore Sun Co., LLC, The1,100BaltimoreMD
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.1,100TowsonMD
2U, Inc.1,000LanhamMD
Gemalto, Inc.1,000BelcampMD
Lockheed Martin Corp.1,000BethesdaMD
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.953AnnapolisMD
Coty, Inc.940Hunt ValleyMD
KeyW Corp.900HanoverMD
McCormick & Co., Inc.900Hunt ValleyMD
Nestle' Dreyer's Ice Cream Co.900LaurelMD

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