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IndustrySelect's Top Manufacturing B2B Sales & Marketing Stories of 2019

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, December 30, 2019


2019 was a whirlwind year for U.S. manufacturing companies and the sales and marketing professionals who do business with them. Many industrial firms have faced uncertainty due to factors like the government shutdown earlier in the year, the ongoing trade war with China, a slowing global economy and more.

Amid these developments, IndustrySelect’s blog has aimed to bring special insight and the latest news to those sales, marketing and business development professionals who sell to U.S. manufacturing companies.

We’ve drawn on MNI’s massive database of U.S. manufacturers and provided sales advice for specific industries, highlighted some of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing companies, and featured a number of sales and marketing for those specifically reaching out to manufacturing companies.

We’ve brought you the latest industrial headlines, to help you stay on top of your market and understand the specific challenges faced by your prospects.

Looking to contact U.S. manufacturers? Access profiles of 400,000 manufacturers & one million executives with IndustrySelect.

The IndustrySelect blog covered a lot of ground in its first year but some stories stood out from the crowd. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most compelling stories of 2019.

We’re hoping this will serve as inspiration going forward as you work toward building your business in 2020!

2019’s Most Popular Manufacturing B2B Sales Resource

Over the year, we’ve taken a detailed look at various sales and marketing topics, providing solutions for those targeting the industrial world.

Our most popular of these articles was our three-part “Perfecting the Pitch” series. For this series we explored the ins and outs of how to know if your pitch is not working, tips for crafting a pitch that converts, as well as expert advice for closing the deal.

Read it: Perfecting the Sales Pitch [Three-Part Series]

2019’s Most Popular Industry

Each week, IndustrySelect analyzes data on a specific industry and provides insight to sales and marketing professional targeting that particular market.

To do this, we draw on MNI’s hand-verified data collected from nearly 400,000 U.S. manufacturers – the same data that powers IndustrySelect. In 2019, our most popular industry by far was machine tools.

We took a look at some of the top trends in the industry, including some of the top challenges faced by executives in the industry.

Read it: 3 Things to Know About the U.S. Machine Tool Industry

2019’s Top Companies

In addition to analyzing trends in specific industries, we also explored each industry’s top companies. Over the year we examined the largest and fastest-growing firms in industries such as farm equipment and food equipment machinery.

Our most popular top company list, however, was in the metal stamping industry. For this article, we explored this fast-growing industry and provided some inside information on the largest companies reporting sales or employment growth to MNI over the year.

Read it: The Largest & Fastest-Growing Metal Stamping Companies in the U.S.

In recent months, we’ve also started to publish a roundup of the new manufacturing plants breaking ground across the U.S. and these have also proved to be among our most popular articles.

One of the more recent of these articles, published in November, covered 21 new manufacturing operations, spanning five states.

Read it: 21 Up-and-Coming Manufacturing Plants You Should Know About

2019’s Most Popular Industry Resource Guide

This year has been a particularly trying one for the trucking and transportation industries, so it was no surprise that our guide to finding freight to haul was one of our most popular stories of the year.

This article explored the unique challenges faced by businesses looking for freight to haul and covered the four essential resources for discovering new freight partners.

Read it: Looking for Freight to Haul? Four Resources for Finding Your Best Freight Customer

2019’s Most Popular State

Data collected by MNI contains a wealth of data on specific states. In 2019 we published state-by-state guides on manufacturing climate, growth trends and more for various U.S. states, providing sales and marketing professionals special insight on opportunities in specific states, as well as the challenges faced by manufacturing executives therein.
Our most popular state in 2019 was Wisconsin.

In this report, we drew on data collected from Wisconsin manufacturers by MNI, providing specific information on growing industries, as well as employment and regional data, and took a look at some specific concerns among manufacturers in the state. This article proved to be a useful resource for sales professionals looking to prospect in Wisconsin.

Read it: 5 Things to Know About Wisconsin Manufacturing

Top IndustrySelect Story of 2019

Occasionally, we like provide our readers with the latest news here at MNI. We were thrilled to announce that we’d acquired a new global energy industry business database from the now closed Midwest Publishing Company back in September. Over the past few months, we’ve been working steadily to bring this exciting new data to our customers.

The Global Energy Industry Business Database provides detailed information on 100,000 locations and 300,000 executives in the energy industry worldwide and is a perfect addition to our U.S. manufacturing industry business database (and, incidentally, our cannabis database, soon to launch in 2020!). The global energy database went live in December, and our announcement of the launch became one of our most popular stories of the year! We hope you’ll enjoy learning about it too:

Read it: Global Energy Industry Business Database Now Available

Our new database offering was not the only big IndustrySelect news of 2019, however. We also announced the launch IndustrySelect Plus, a new database subscription option for subscribers. The new version provides a budget-friendly fourth tier of access to IndustrySelect’s quality B2B sales leads.

Read it: Introducing IndustrySelect Plus: A Budget-Friendly Alternative for B2B Sales Leads

Build Your Business in 2020 With IndustrySelect

Whatever your business goals for 2020, IndustrySelect is an indispensable resource for generating new business in the manufacturing industry and beyond.

An IndustrySelect subscription can put you on a first-name basis with 400,000 companies and one million executives in the U.S. manufacturing industry, and 100,000 locations and 300,000 executives in the global energy industry.

Subscribers can select up to 30 data points to help identify or pre-qualify leads. Company profiles also include the contact information for hard-to-find executive decision-makers.

IndustrySelect is powered by MNI, compiler and publisher of U.S. industrial information since 1912. Data is hand-verified and updated on a 24/7 basis by MNI’s 80-person research team.

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