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Top Manufacturing Twitter Accounts to Follow

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, December 11, 2019



Twitter is a rich resource for those looking to connect and build relationships with U.S. manufacturing companies.

Search the #manufacturing hashtag on Twitter and you will find a flurry of manufacturing companies talking about all types of issues, including posts on specific manufacturing processes (what is plastic injection molding, anyway?) to the latest industrial headlines (keeping up with the Trump tariffs have kept manufacturing Twitter feeds busy!) to promoting U.S manufacturing (#MadeinUSA is a popular Twitter manufacturing hashtag).

In recent weeks a new campaign: #USAMfgHour has taken hold on Twitter and is fast becoming a new space for U.S. manufacturers to connect and talk manufacturing.

#USAMfgHour was inspired by a UK version of the same concept: #UKMfgHour and was brought to fruition by warehousing and shipping service provider @DCSCInc along with support from @MfrsNews (Yes, that’s us).

UK manufacturing accounts like @burelyfires even joined in the fun and helped kick off the event. #USMfgHour takes place every Thursday from 1pm-2pm CT and is a great venue for those selling to manufacturers to enrich their understanding of this vibrant sector and to make new connections.

To further this goal, we’re also covering some top manufacturing twitter accounts worth following in 2020 for sales, marketing and business development professionals targeting prospects in manufacturing.

Top Manufacturing Twitter Accounts

1. Alliance For American Manufacturing @KeepitMadeinUSA

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is a non-profit group founded by a number of prominent manufacturing leaders and the United Steelworkers.

AAM's mission is to support American manufacturing through research, advocacy, public education and coalition building around issues that impcat the manufacturing sector.

Following AAM can help sales and marketing professional build a richer understanding of the challenges faced by their clients.

2. National Association of Manufacturers @ShopFloorNAM

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is a highly influential manufacturing advocate group based in D.C.

With 14,000 member companies, the NAM aspires to be the “voice of all manufacturing in the U.S.” It is another great resource for understanding specific policy issues faced by manufacturers.

3. Toyota-Lift of Minnesota @ToyotaEquipment

The very influential @ToyotaEquipment feed is a perfect example of how you don’t need massive marketing budgets or a big-name handle in order to make a significant splash on social.

On Twitter since 2009, forklift dealership Toyota-Lift of Minnesota (@ToyotaEquipment) has amassed 61,000 + Twitter followers, largely in the manufacturing world.

They’ve built their following by being engaged with their followers and being fully invested in both the niche world of forklifts and the latest manufacturing topics.

4. Potomac Photonics @PotomacPhotonic

Baltimore-based Potomac Photonics is a leader in micro-manufacturing. Their tweets sometimes seem like science fiction, but in fact reflect the reality of so many advanced manufacturing processes in existence today.

Their microfabrication techniques feed into all types of industries, so it’s a great account for keeping up with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

5. Cleveland Deburring Machine Company @cdmcmachine

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company provides deburring machines and deburring solutions in Ohio and across the U.S. They are also quite the social butterfly when it comes to manufacturing issues.

Follow Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (@cdmcmachine) and you’ll pretty much know what’s going on in the manufacturing world at any given time.

Their feed is rich with re-tweets across all types of manufacturing-specific topics, from the latest news to manufacturing policy initiatives, manufacturing technology updates, plant management issues and more.

A friendly and highly engaged account, look for their numerous #FF and appreciation lists for some additional manufacturing accounts to follow.

6. Zekelman Industries @ZekelmanInd

Chicago-based Zekelman Industries is the nation’s largest manufacturer of hollow structural section (HSS) steel and a true powerhouse in the steel industry.

Their feed is full of interesting stories and facts about steel, including the many applications and projects their products are used for across the country.

They also produce some fantastic videos on steel production. For those prospecting in the steel industry, Zekelman’s feed will make you feel like an expert in the field in no time.

7. National Institute for Standards and Technology @NIST

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (@NIST) is a fascinating account to follow as their research touches on many aspects of manufacturing.

The NIST is one of the nation's oldest physical science laboratories and promotes U.S. innovation by “advancing measurement science, standards & tech.”

In fact, photos from some of NIST’s (then, the Bureau of Standards) earliest experiments appeared in archived editions of Manufacturers’ News from the 1920s (see below).

For sales and marketing professionals, the NIST feed is ripe with interesting, re-tweetable content that is sure to gain you a manufacturing follower or two.

NIST_MNI tweet3

8. MNI @MfrsNews – That’s us!

MNI (@MfrsNews) is the nation’s largest and oldest compiler and publisher of industrial data. Our database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers is a rich resource for industrial sourcing and purchasing as well as prospecting, sales and marketing.

On Twitter since 2009, @MfrsNews has amassed nearly 25,000 followers in the manufacturing world and beyond. Our tweets focus on the latest in manufacturing news, essential resources and new trends.

Content is published on IndustryNet (for industrial sourcing & purchasing) and IndustrySelect (for sales, marketing and prospecting).

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