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Top U.S. Manufacturers of Industrial Storage Tanks

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, June 12, 2020

Large above ground storage tank against blue sky


The reopening of the domestic economy has unleashed a backlog of delayed infrastructure, industrial and special projects.

Crucial to these projects are various liquids, gases and bulk goods. Everything from fuel to paint to water is required.

These substances must be stored someplace prior to use. Perhaps this is why industrial storage tanks has become one of the most-searched categories on the industrial marketplace IndustryNet.

Storage Tank Basics

Industrial storage tanks are normally grouped into two broad categories: above-ground and underground. Underground storage allows an operator to use all of the surface real estate that would normally be occupied by a tank.

One example is gasoline storage tanks at any service station. In this situation, having tanks above ground would actually be more hazardous due to the possibilities of a vehicle striking them, tampering and fuel theft. There is also the space for parking and fuel pumps that would be lost by the tanks' footprint.

The downside is that these tanks can present serious problems if they ever develop a leak. Because of this they are more stringently regulated than their above-ground counterparts.

Above-ground tanks are easier to maintain, less expensive and less heavily regulated. Some are designed to be portable such as the smaller variants used for water storage in agriculture.

Part of the quest to ensure safety is continuous inspection and testing of tanks. While repetitive, their purpose is to identify and repair potential hazards before they manifest as an accident.

Top Storage Tank Manufacturers in the U.S. 

These are the largest industrial storage tank manufacturers in the United States:

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
Matrix NACEddystonePA940
Consolidated Fabrication & Constructors, Inc.GaryIN500
PCL Industrial Services, Inc.BakersfieldCA500
Manchester Tank & Equipment Co., Quincy Div.QuincyIL350
Caldwell Tanks, Inc.LouisvilleKY300
Heatec, Inc.ChattanoogaTN285
Imperial Industries, Inc.RothschildWI275
DCI, Inc.St. CloudMN225
ATEC Steel, Inc.Baxter SpringsKS200
MAC Trailer Enterprises, Inc.AllianceOH200

About the Top Storage Tank Manufacturers in the U.S. 

1. Matrix NAC — Eddystone, Pa., 940 employees

As a direct-hire union organization, Matrix NAC provides skilled services, industrial supplies and infrastructure to the domestic energy and industrial markets.

2. Consolidated Fabrication & Constructors Inc. — Gary, Ind., 500 employees

Consolidated Fabrication & Constructors Inc. specializes in above-ground storage tanks, consolidated services, and the gas, oil, pipeline, food services, chemical, power utility, steel and bulk storage industries.

3. PCL Industrial Services Inc. — Bakersfield, Calif., 500 employees

PCL is actually a collection of independently owned construction companies spread across North America and Australia. On average they are involved with at least 1,000 projects simultaneously, ranging in value from $20,000 up to $1 billion.

4. Manchester Tank and Equipment Co. (Quincy Division) — Quincy, Ill., 350 employees

Manchester Tank and Equipment Co. is a leader in low-pressure DOT and ASME containers for transporting propane chemicals and compressed gases. Tanks range in size from one to 30,000 gallons.

5. Caldwell Tanks Inc. — Louisville, Ky., 300 employees

Caldwell is known for being the only tank contractor that offers all types of field-erected tanks for both ground storage and elevated tanks. It also provides piping and ductwork to connect tanks to whatever facility is required.

6. Heatec Inc. — Chattanooga, Tenn., 285 employees

Starting as a company that produced heaters and tanks for road construction, Heatec has expanded to include not just asphalt but additive and fuel storage as well.

7. Imperial Industries Inc. — Rothschild, Wisc., 275 employees

Imperial is an industry leader in dry bulk storage tanks and vacuum sanitation tanks. Major customers include dry bulk storage, agriculture and commercial waste companies.

8. DCI Inc. — St. Cloud, Minn., 225 employees

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and beverages are the key markets for DCI Inc. Their tanks and vessels are custom engineered for each customer's specific requirements.

9. ATEC Steel Inc. — Baxter Springs, Ks., 200 employees

Established in 2005, ATEC Steel serves the mining, pulp and paper, wastewater, petroleum and renewable fuels industries with custom storage tanks. These include external floating roof, cone roof, self-supported umbrella roof and aluminum dome designs.

10. MAC Trailer Enterprises Inc. — Alliance, Ohio, 200 employees

Over 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing space makes MAC Trailer Enterprises one of the biggest producers of specialty trailers in the nation. Their trailer line includes both liquid and pneumatic tank variants.

Contacting Industrial Storage Manufacturers

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