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Top Industrial B2B Sales & Marketing Stories of 2021

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, December 22, 2021


As manufacturing companies scrambled to adjust to greater and greater challenges, our most popular stories on IndustrySelect for 2021 reflected the efforts of sales, marketing and business development professionals to stay abreast of new developments, improve communications with their valuable manufacturing clients, and discover new opportunities.

IndustrySelect’s Top Industrial B2B Sales and Marketing Stories of 2021

1. When Prospects Say They’ll Get Back to You

Not surprisingly, our most popular story of 2020 was “Which Manufacturers Are Open for Business Amid Coronavirus?” In 2021, we saw manufacturing get into full swing – and then some, as the industry revved up production to meet historic demand amid dire labor and parts shortages. In short: manufacturing executives were busy this year and salespeople were often waiting to hear back. So it’s no wonder that our most popular sales and marketing story for 2021 was what to do when prospects say they’ll get back to you. In this article, we explore some of the top reasons why prospects say this and provide some expert tips on how to counteract this frustrating roadblock.

Read the full post: When Prospects Say They’ll Get Back to You

2. Products & Services Industrial Buyers Are Seeking

Each week, MNI takes a look at the most popular and trending searches on the industrial marketplace IndustryNet, providing sales and marketing professionals insight into what industries are experiencing growing interest. This exclusive data proved to be so popular that MNI expanded on this idea developed a new intent data feature for IndustrySelect users, encompassing buyer interest in a prospect’s products and services and buyer demand of more than 11,000 products and services as well as expert analysis on high demand products and services.

Read the full post: In-Demand Industrial Products & Services This Week

3. Essential B2B Cold Calling Tips

Industrial salespeople were doing more cold calling in 2021, evidenced by our #3 most popular post on IndustrySelect, the essential B2B cold calling tips. Starting off with the idea that cold calling is somewhat a misnomer and can actually be quite productive (and fun!), this expert article breaks down common misconceptions about cold calling.

Read the full post: 7 Essential B2B Cold Calling Tip and Techniques

4. Phrases to Avoid in B2B Calls

In 2021, sales and marketing professionals weren’t taking any changes, focusing on not only what to say, but what not to say. This post covers five of the most common phrases that can torpedo a sale, and explores several alternatives to get that conversation on the right track.

Read the full post: Avoid These 5 Phrases in Your B2B Sales Calls

5. Myth-Busting Prospecting Stats to Help You Close More Deals

In 2021, sales and marketing professionals were honing their prospecting skills with our interactive infographic on myth-busting prospecting stats. Think prospects don’t really want to hear from you? Or that C-Suite prospects aren’t going to take your call? Think again. This infographic dispels some common myths about prospecting, exploring powerful stats that will change the way you approach prospecting. 

See the full infographic: 21 Myth-Busting Prospecting Stats to Help You Close More Deals 

6. Engaging Unresponsive Sales Prospects

As industrial executives faced a mountain of challenges the year, salespeople trying to contact them often felt left by the wayside as other projects took priority. Thus, a common sales objection for 2021 was “I just don’t have time right now.” This article explores the real reasons why prospects say they don’t have time and breaks down some winning responses to help get a productive conversation started.

Read the full post: How to Engage Unresponsive B2B Sales Prospects

7. Top Manufacturing Pain Points (& How You Can Help)

B2B sales and marketing professionals were turned into the (abundant) challenges faced by manufacturing executives this year, with our article on the top pain points amongst manufacturers soaring in popularity. In this post, we break down the 9 greatest challenges for executives right now and provide some expert advice on addressing these key issues across all touchpoints with your prospects in manufacturing.

Read the full post: 9 Top Manufacturing Paint Points (& How You Can Help)

Other Top Stories of 2021

The IndustrySelect blog doesn’t stop at sales and marketing articles, but also delivers exclusive insights gleaned from MNI data to help salespeople and marketers leverage their know-how of the industrial world. From learning about a particular state’s manufacturing climate to exploring who’s who in a particular industry, IndustrySelect readers took full advantage of these resources this year.

Our most popular state posts this year were:

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Our most popular industries this year

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In 2021, we helped 38,782 companies find new business and drive sales with IndustrySelect, the industrial database for sales, marketing, business development, recruiting, and research. Click here to learn more or start your free demo.



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