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Top 20 Manufacturing Companies in Michigan

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, May 11, 2020

auto assembly factory with large window

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced last week that Michigan manufacturers were allowed to reopen on Monday, May 11th, following the recent stay-at-home order that shuttered all but the most critical manufacturers in the state.

Manufacturers, including the Big Three automakers will be allowed to reestablish operations, provided that strict health and safety protocols are followed, even as the stay-at-home order is extended to the end of the month for the economy at large.

This comes as good news for anyone doing business with Michigan manufacturers, as sales, marketing and business development professionals as communicating with decision-makers in this vital sector has been challenging in the time of coronavirus.

For those who are ready to get in touch with Michigan companies as they slowly get back to work, we’re sharing some essential insights on the state’s industrial sector and providing a list of the state’s top manufacturers.

Having a deep understanding of your market is an essential facet of a successful sales strategy. For those looking to do business with Michigan manufacturers, IndustrySelect’s database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers contains a vast amount of hand-verified data to help users understand their market and drill down to a list of prospects.

Top 20 Manufacturing Companies in Michigan

Michigan is home to 13,066 manufacturers, employing 735,068, according to MNI, compiler of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect. The state is home to the Big Three automakers and a vast automotive supply chain, but also some major pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and medical device companies. Here are the state’s top 20 manufacturers.

FCA US, LLC15,000Auburn HillsMI
Nexteer Automotive6,900SaginawMI
Gentex Corp.5,000ZeelandMI
FCA US, LLC4,267WarrenMI
Access Business Group4,000AdaMI
Amway Corp.4,000AdaMI
General Motors Global Propulsion Systems4,000PontiacMI
Ford Motor Co., Michigan Assembly Plt.3,550WayneMI
Ford Motor Co., Flat Rock Assembly Plant3,500Flat RockMI
Perrigo Co.3,500AlleganMI
General Motors Co., Lansing Delta Township3,486LansingMI
FCA US, LLC3,000DetroitMI
FCA US, LLC, Sterling Heights Assembly Plt.3,000Sterling HeightsMI
General Motors Co.3,000DetroitMI
Haworth, Inc.3,000HollandMI
DENSO Mfg. Michigan, Inc.2,800Battle CreekMI
Ford Motor Co., Rouge Plt.2,700DearbornMI
Stryker Instruments2,600KalamazooMI
Ford Motor Co.2,500DearbornMI
General Dynamics Land Systems, Inc.2,500Sterling HeightsMI

Next, we’ll take a look at some key facts on the state’s manufacturing sector.

Prior to Coronavirus, Hiring Surged in Michigan's Manufacturing Sector

Today’s labor market clearly has been radically altered by the coronavirus, with the Labor Department reporting just last week that the U.S. lost a record 2.1 million jobs in April.

However, it’s notable that the state’s manufacturing sector posted an increase in hiring in the twelve months prior to the outbreak, suggesting the state may be on a stronger footing as it clears a path to recovery. Overall the U.S. manufacturing sector saw an easing of new jobs in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, after posting record gains in 2018, but Michigan bucked this trend.

Michigan is a manufacturing powerhouse, home to 13,066 manufacturers, employing 735,068, according to MNI, compiler of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect. MNI reports that over the past year, Michigan manufacturing companies added 8,544 jobs or 1.1%.

This represents the state’s ninth straight year of manufacturing job gains. Following the last recession, Michigan added jobs at a rate unmatched by any other state, adding more than 100,000 jobs to its workforce.

There were the Fastest-Growing Industries in Michigan Prior to Coronavirus

Michigan’s powerful auto sector was decimated by the last recession, but the industry turned a sharp corner in 2010 and came roaring back in the subsequent decade as the Big Three and related suppliers continued to expand in the state. MNI recorded an 17% increase in transportation equipment jobs from 2010-2017, with the sector continuing to expand since.

Currently, the transportation equipment sector accounts for 149,434 jobs, up 1.5% over the past year and ranks as the state’s largest sector.

As transportation equipment continued to post employment gains in the state of Michigan prior to the coronavirus, additional key sectors posted significant job gains.

1. Stone/clay/glass: up 13.4%
2. Furniture/Fixtures: up 6.7%
3. Rubber/plastics: up 5.3%
4. Chemicals: 3.9%
5. Electronics: 3.1%
6. Primary Metals: up 2.3%

Looking at the state’s manufacturing sector as a whole, here are the state’s top industries, ranked by number of jobs:

1. Transportation Equipment: 149,434 employees
2. Industrial Machinery: 136,867 employees
3. Fabricated Metals: 91,141 employees
4. Rubber/Plastics: 55,353 employees
5. Food Products: 42,177 employees
6. Primary Metals: 38,638 employees
7. Chemicals: 34,054 employees
8. Printing/Publishing: 26,419 employees
9. Furniture/Fixtures: 24,158 employees
10. Stone/Clay/Glass: 21,721 employees

Michigan's Top Five Cities Added Manufacturing Jobs over the Past Year

Most of Michigan’s largest industrial cities saw an increase in manufacturing jobs, including Detroit, which struggled in the aftermath of the last recession.

Grand Rapids ranks as the state’s top industrial city by number of jobs, home to 650 manufacturers employing 48,889. Manufacturing jobs rose a half percent in Grand Rapids over the year. Auburn Hills ranks second for number of jobs, with 149 manufacturers employing 33,392, up 2.4% over the past year.

Detroit ranks third in the state for jobs, but second for number of manufacturers. The Motor City accounts for 399 firms and 30,077 jobs, up a half percent over the year.

Sterling Heights ranks fourth in the state for jobs, with 218 manufacturing companies employing 20,009 workers, up 5.4%.

Ranking fifth for manufacturing jobs is Holland, Michigan. The city accounts for 241 of the state’s manufacturers, employing 19,905. This represents an increase of nearly 10%.

Ready to Build a List of Michigan Manufacturing Prospects?

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