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Top Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturers in the United States

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Above: An inside look at 3M's facility in Hutchinson, MN, which ranks as the largest adhesive manufacturer in the U.S. (Photo courtesty of 3M)


Adhesive and sealant manufacturers specialize in binding substances. From auto applications to office products, the demand is high. However, these businesses are facing some supply chain challenges at the moment. This article will explore the latest trends in the industry and examine the largest adhesive and sealant manufacturers in the United States. 

Trends for the Adhesive and Sealant Industry

Like many other products, adhesives and sealants have been in short supply.

The pandemic disrupted existing supply chains. Plus, the cost of raw materials has gone up. The record low temperatures in the Gulf Coast area have also limited the output of some petrochemicals used to make adhesives.

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Nonetheless, adhesives are in high demand. The healthcare, auto, packaging and aerospace sectors need these chemicals.

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There are some interesting trends in the adhesives and sealants market. More companies are focusing on sustainability. So, developing new solutions like bio-based adhesives can help brands stand out.

Also, data collected by MNI reveals that adhesive and sealant manufacturers are more likely to import raw materials. International distribution is the prevalent model, with 61% of companies selling products abroad. This percentage is more than twice the percentage of US manufacturing as a whole (29%).

Furthermore, about a third of these companies have facilities in the Midwest and in the South, respectively, according to MNI. In fact, two of the top ten largest plants are in Minnesota. The Northeast represents 20% of the total companies, while the West comes in with 14%.

Top Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturers

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
3M Co.HutchinsonMN1,700
LORD Corp.EriePA800
M-D Building Products, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK652
H.B. FullerSt. PaulMN600
PPG AerospaceSylmarCA600
The Dow Chemical Co.MidlandMI470
Click Bond, Inc.Carson CityNV400
Hutchinson Sealing Systems, Inc.Church HillTN400
L&L Products, Inc.RomeoMI400
Franklin International, Inc.ColumbusOH380

About The Top 10 Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturers

3M Co: This corporation is a giant in the market. Of the 23 divisions, the Hutchinson, MN, facility is the largest it operates in the US. Its 1,700 employees make adhesives, molding and filtration products. This plant also makes well-known brands like Scotch tape and Nexcare bandages.

LORD Corp: This business offers solutions for automakers. It has also developed products for the construction and defense sectors. LORD stands out thanks to its solution-oriented approach. There are 800 employees working at its Erie, PA, plant. The products offered include new materials like elastomer and metal-bonding adhesives.

M-D Building Products, Inc.: This company sells chemicals for the construction industry and caulk and waterproofing systems for showers. It's located in Oklahoma City, OK, and has 652 employees.

H.B. Fuller: With its 600 employees, this St. Paul, MN, facility manages a portfolio of more than 30 brands. Some of these adhesives are used to make consumer products. However, this business also offers solutions for automakers and the aerospace sector. Products include window sealants, resins and more. Sustainability is one of the core values of this company.

PPG Aerospace: This Sylmar, CA, company specializes in developing materials used by airplane makers. Its 600 employees work on making clear plastics, special coatings, aircraft windows and more.

The Dow Chemical Co.: This company runs an industrial park in Midland, MI. It's in the process of merging with DuPont, and the Midland Dow facility has 470 employees. It focuses on sustainable solutions and R&D.

Click Bond, Inc.: This business makes and sells hardware for the industrial sectors. Some products are used in the aviation and maritime industries. The 400 employees who work at this Carson City, NV, facility also make adhesive-bonded fastening products that use materials like acrylic and epoxy.

Hutchinson Sealing Systems, Inc.: With 100 facilities, this business is one of the major adhesive and sealant manufacturers. It has made products used by brands like Toyota, and its Church Hill, TN, facility has 400 employees. This plant makes products for the auto, aerospace, rail and energy markets. The company invests 5% of its revenues in R&D.

L&L Products, Inc.: This Romeo, MI, company focuses on material science. It offers structural adhesives, sealants and thermal products. Its 400 employees make niche products like acoustic sealing solutions and structural adhesive die cuts.

Franklin International, Inc.: Located in Columbus, OH, this facility counts 380 workers. This company is behind the Titebond brand for construction adhesives. It also offers Franklin brand products for wood furniture adhesives. These products are sold in more than 60 countries.

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