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Top Hoist and Crane Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, January 19, 2021



Hoists and cranes are used extensively in a large number of industries. At docks, massive harbor crane units transfer shipping containers from intermodal trains to ships. Electric utility and telecom companies use service trucks to elevate workers and equipment up to lines for maintenance. Both construction and manufacturing companies use hoists and cranes for moving large objects around plants and job sites.

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With the versatility and importance of hoists and cranes, this industry is crucial for global economic success. Here are the top hoist and crane manufacturers in the U.S. that help enable that success.

But first, a quick look into the industry.

Latest Trends & Statistics in the Hoist & Crane Industry

Research from MNI details hoist and crane manufacturers as a relatively modest fraction of manufacturing, with total sales of just over $18 billion. Out of the 401 companies that comprise it, 89% are privately held. A whopping 40% distribute hoists and cranes internationally, a much higher percentage than that for U.S. manufacturing as a whole (only 29% distribute internationally).

Additionally, only 13% of hoist and crane manufacturers import raw materials, which has helped avoid supply chain issues that arose due to COVID-19 restrictions. Still, there has been a slight drop in total jobs compared to last year, with a loss of nearly 0.5%, for a current total of 13,958. The spatial distribution of hoist and crane manufacturers is concentrated in the middle of the country. The South and Midwest hold 39% and 33% respectively, while the West and Northeast have 13% and 14%.

Top 10 Hoist and Crane Manufacturers in the U.S.

Top CompaniesCityState Number of Employees
Altec Industries, Inc.ElizabethtownKY450
Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc.GarnerIA400
Allied Systems Co., Inc.SherwoodOR300
Konecranes, Inc.SpringfieldOH300
Swisslog Logistics, Inc.Newport NewsVA300
Tulsa Winch, Inc.JenksOK300
Columbus McKinnon Corp.DamascusVA270
Southworth Products Corp.ManilaAR200
Columbus McKinnon Corp.WadesboroNC180
Wastequip, LLCWinamacIN160

About the Top Hoist and Crane Manufacturers 

Altec Industries, Inc.

Altec Industries is a leader in service equipment to the tree care, telecom, lighting and electric utility sectors. Over 100 countries utilize their products. The Elizabethtown, Kentucky facility is Altec’s highest volume plant, and a total of 450 people construct aerial lift equipment for various industries here.

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc.

IMT started as a tire recapping mold company in 1961. Shortly thereafter, they designed an air compressor to be used on tire service trucks. By 1965, they had developed their first dedicated service truck, much to the appreciation of mechanics in the area. Today, they produce a broad line of service trucks and heavy-duty overhead cranes for vehicle servicing and recovery. The Garner, Iowa-based company employs 400 people.

Allied Systems Co., Inc.

Allied Systems started in 1976 as a wood product material handling fabricator, serving a strong lumber industry in Sherwood, Oregon. Eventually expanding to encompass multiple industries, the 300 employees now offer several varieties of cranes and winches. Their marine cranes include telescoping boom, davit and A-frame designs while their winches are used in logging, mining and towing applications.

Konecranes, Inc.

This global company offers nearly every type of crane, lift and hoist as part of their product line. Starting as an electric motor repair shop, Konecranes soon branched out into electric hoists, harbor cranes and lift trucks. The Springfield, Ohio division, with its 300 employees, currently focuses on rebuilding overhead cranes and their associated parts.

Swisslog Logistics, Inc.

Part of the global Swisslog corporation, this location in Newport News, Virginia focuses on building monorail and overhead material handling systems for warehouses and manufacturing plants. The 300 workers also write custom computer programs for automated storage, retrieval and management systems.

Tulsa Winch, Inc.

Tulsa Winch has been operating for over 90 years and has locations in Canada and India. At their Jenks, Oklahoma facility, 300 people work to produce winches, manufacturing hoists, gear drives and associated monitoring equipment.

Columbus McKinnon Corp.

Columbus McKinnon has multiple locations across the country. Under their umbrella are some of the most well-known brands in cranes and hoists, such as STAHL, Duff-Norton and Magnetek. The Damascus, Virginia location, employing 270 people, is responsible for building overhead, hand and electric hoists, while the Wadesboro, North Carolina facility and its 180 workers handle standard hoists and associated equipment.

Southworth Products Corp.

Southworth Products started as a printing company and eventually grew to become a manufacturer of various types of machinery including fire trucks, utility vehicles and dock lifts. Today, the Manila, Arkansas facility and its 200 employees produce lift tables, manual lifter transporters and container tilters.

Wastequip, LLC

Winamac, Indiana is home to Wastequip and its 160 employees. This location produces hydraulic hoists commonly used to change out trailer bodies for flatbeds and dumpsters. They have nearly 30 models to fit any application imaginable.

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