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Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the U.S.A.

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The largest battery manufacturers offer you a wealth of sales and marketing opportunities. As a bright spot in manufacturing, they promise continued growth.

Vital Statistics on the U.S Battery Industry

MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, produces comprehensive profiles of the nation's manufacturers, including battery manufacturers. According to MNI's survey of hundreds of U.S. battery companies, these are the latest statistcs on the industry:

● The U.S. serves as home to 292 battery companies, providing 34,891 jobs. Despite the contraction you may lament in other markets, this is a job expansion of 3.55%. 

● U.S. battery manufacturers report average sales of $52 billion. 

● This industry enjoys greater international distribution than manufacturing as a whole, 54% to 29%, respectively.

● At 32%, the South houses the greatest number of these companies. The Midwest comes up second with 27%. The west is home to 2% and the Northeast to 17%. Wherever you’re headquartered, this industry offers prospects.

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Industry Applications for Battery Manufacturers

You’ll find that this massive industrial segment can be categorized into numerous sectors. These include:

Consumer electronics often use rechargeable batteries. The two most common types are lithium-ion and lithium polymer. Lithium-ion cells are rigid and display familiar designations such as AA and AAA. They find use in smaller items such as remote controls and battery packs for laptop computers. Lithium-polymer batteries are more flexible and can be produced in thinner forms. They are often preferable for larger devices.

The automotive sector contains several subsectors. Lithium-ion batteries power electric and hybrid vehicles. Lead-acid batteries spark the ignition of fossil-fueled cars and trucks. Wet-cell batteries serve as a secondary system charged by a car’s alternator. Nickel hydride batteries also find automotive uses.

Stationary energy storage plays a vital role in renewable energy systems, power grids and backup systems. Many in the industry view batteries as a transition, but they are the present solution, and you can expect them to be needed for some time.

Industrial or commercial batteries find many applications in aerospace, defense, and medical instruments. As with automotive, this sector uses many types of batteries. The designation refers to use rather than chemistry.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are rechargeable. Power tool and medical device manufacturers use them to energize their products.

The vast market served by the largest battery manufacturers suggests rich prospecting fields for a large variety of suppliers.

Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the U.S.A.

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
East Penn Manufacturing Co.Lyon StationPA7,800
Tesla, Inc.SparksNV3,000
Clarios Advanced Solutions, LLCMilwaukeeWI1,200
SK Battery America, Inc.CommerceGA1,000
Stryten Salina, LLCSalinaKS950
SK Battery America, Inc.CommerceGA940
Ultium Cells, LLCWarrenOH800
A123 Systems, LLCLivoniaMI600
EnerSys, Inc.RichmondKY525
Clarios, LLCHollandOH500

About the Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the U.S.A.

1. East Penn Manufacturing Co.

You will find this company in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania. It penetrates many marketplace sectors, including automotive, marine, commercial, industrial and stationary uses. The Lyon facility employs 7,800 workers. This manufacturer sells under the brand names Deka and Lynx. The company maintains the single largest lead-acid battery manufacturing site.

2. Tesla, Inc.

If you visit the Tesla facility in Sparks, Nevada, you’ll find a workforce of 3,000 producing lithium-ion batteries and automotive components. Brands include Powerwall and Powerpack. This factory received considerable press coverage and calls itself Gigafactory 1.

3. Clarios Advanced Solutions, LLC

You can call on this manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The staff of 1,200 produces lithium-ion batteries and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. They also manufacture lead-acid batteries and storage batteries. This company’s batteries power one in three of the world’s cars.

4. SK Battery America, Inc.

This company in Commerce, Georgia, delivers more than batteries. The 1,000 workers turn out whole electric vehicles, including the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Volkswagen ID. You may also hear this business called SK Innovations.

5. Stryten Salina, LLC

This company in Salina, Kansas employs 950 workers to turn out automotive batteries. The brands include Champion, Exide, Absolyte, Centra and Fulmen.

6. SK Battery America, Inc.

This company maintains a second plant in Commerce, Georgia, on the same road but at a different address than the one previously cited. The listed products are the same, but it employs 940 workers, fewer than the other facility.

7. Ultium Cells, LLC

The manufacturer makes lithium batteries for electric vehicles. The 800-employee company is a joint venture between LG Energy Solutions and General Motors.

8. A123 systems, LLC

This company, in Livonia, Michigan, produces lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. A staff of 600 works on systems for buses, low-voltage hybrids, plug-ins and motor sports. The company touts an ultraphosphate technology for better starts in cold conditions.

9. Enersys, Inc.

This manufacturer in Richmond, Kentucky, employs 525 to produce industrial specialty reserve batteries. It takes pride in placing its products everywhere, from satellites to submarines. The batteries are also powering 5G.

10. Clarios, LLC

The 500 employees of Clarios, LLC in Holland, Ohio, make lead-free batteries for start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles. You might want to keep in mind that Clarios considers itself to have the broadest portfolio of batteries.

Prospecting Opportunities in the U.S. Battery Manufacturing Industry

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