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Best Ways to Conclude a Sales Call

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Best Ways to End a Sales Call


While you might be expert at sales openers, ending the call on the right foot is just as important. The last thing you want is an awkward end to your call. In order to stand the best chance with your prospects , you want to make sure the entirety of your call is perfect, and that includes ending the call on the right foot.

Best Techniques for Ending a Sales Call

So how do you end your pitch with your prospect solidly in your funnel? Or, better still, how do you finish with a closed sale? Let's explore both objectives. Here are some techniques for how to end a sales call while keeping your prospects on the hook.

Initiating a Relationship

If you are cold calling or just getting acquainted with your prospect, you might try: "It's been great getting to know you on the telephone, but I wouldn't expect you to make a decision without understanding (insert name of your product)'s unique features. What would be the best time to set up a demonstration?"

If you don't have a demo ready to go, or travel would be unwarranted without a more substantial commitment, steer the call to a close with this: "What else can I tell you?" This query will invite a prospect to voice further concerns or terminate the call if they have none. A similar line might be "How else can I help you today?" A prospect may have a pain point you haven't considered but can now address to further a deal.

Forging a Stronger Connection

Suppose you're building on an earlier conversation. In that case, you can try: "I hope that in our conversations, I've succeeded in clearly explaining all the significant details about (insert the name of your product or company), but do you have any additional questions or concerns?" If your prospect needs more information, this is your opportunity to present it. If not, you can move along to not only closing your call but possibly closing your deal.

If your call is a follow-up to a demonstration query, say, "Now that you've had the opportunity to experience the features of (insert the name of your product), are you confident it addresses your pain points?” If you're lucky, you'll get a positive response and proceed to close a sale. If the prospect says no, you may offer further suggestions in order to salvage the deal, including an upgraded product. Or, if you've discovered a bad fit, you can stop wasting your time and move on to your next prospect.

When They're Teetering on the Edge

If you detect that your prospect is straddling the fence, try: "Tell me what you're thinking." This response will encourage your prospect to confess any lingering doubts or obstacles to a sale. If you can't offer a solution, inquire: "How can we set up a meeting with a manager to resolve your issues?" Or you can push the issue with: "Are you ready to sign a contract today?" A positive answer means a closed sale. If it's a negative one, try to understand how to eliminate the obstruction to your transaction. If that's impossible, you'll be justified in abandoning a futile effort with something along these lines: "I can see that we're not about to do business."

When They're Ready to Close

These are the delicious questions. They include:

● What's the optimum delivery date?
● When can we kick off training?
● When can we commence implementation?
● When can I dispatch our installation team?
● When will you have a location designated for your new equipment?

You'll want to communicate a sense of urgency, but you can also savor the moment that you've successfully sealed your deal.

Other Closing Lines

While questions play a tremendous role in advancing your progress or hitting your final target, other parting lines will also assist you in making a graceful and productive exit. To communicate your enthusiasm for doing business, finish with "I'm excited to work with you." This closing works particularly well with services such as consulting or product maintenance. You're informing the customer that you expect a professional relationship that is rewarding to both parties.

As an ending to a presentation that got an enthusiastic audience response, offer: "Let's get you signed up." You'll immediately know if a prospect is serious or is looking for a leisurely way to get through an afternoon.

Sometimes, prospects need to feel special, particularly if it involves receiving a discount, perk, or last-minute bonus. Closing pitches with added attractions include:

● "I can offer you a deal for new customers, but only until this Thursday."
● "We only have three opportunities available, and I've already talked to five interested parties."
● "Customers signing up this week get priority updates."
● “Customers purchasing this week get (fill in added products or accessories) free.”

If All Else Fails

You can't sell a Cadillac to a customer who's only willing to pay for a Chevrolet, so offer an alternative. For example: "This (insert your product) has features you may never use. But I can offer you (insert less expensive or downline product), which contains everything your company needs at a price that will meet your financial constraints." Or: "If (insert a group of services) won't meet your needs, we have many packages we can explore together to find you a perfect fit. And if your needs change, we're prepared to offer an upgraded plan."

Making All Your Calls Count

When ending a sales call, you'll be determining if your product meets a prospect's requirements and if their company's willing to pay the freight to cure its ills. But before you pick up the phone or knock on a door, you should know you're not spending your valuable time on an unqualified prospect. IndustrySelect is a reliable resource for locating decision-makers. The service offers complete executive profiles, including names, titles, and emails. IndustrySelect allows you to identify your most promising company prospects by location, industry, and size.

Make every sales call count. Get your free demo now.

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