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Posted by IndustrySelect
Welcome to our weekly rundown of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. right now. At MNI, as well as providing quality industrial sales leads among 400,000+ industrial business in the U.S., we also keep track of what equipment, parts, services millions of industrial buyers are searching for across 11,000 distinct product and service categories on our industrial marketplace IndustryNet.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Most people think of the warming months of Q2 as a special and unique time. However, spring brings several seasonal obstacles to sales, such as holidays inviting both retrospection and celebration, distracting from business, prospects often choosing Q2 to take personal time off (PTO), making it difficult to close sales, and the uncertainty of tax season making companies more hesitant to commit funds to purchase. While your closings may temporarily plummet, you can lay the foundation for future success by honing your Q3 sales strategies for B2B.
Posted by IndustrySelect
What could be more frustrating than a sudden dismissal when you've barely begun your pitch? To communicate your product's value, you need to keep your prospects on the line. To accomplish that purpose, you require an opener that will spark customers' interest and keep them engaged. This article explores the best sales openers and describes how you can employ them.

Posted by IndustrySelect
You can send emails to half the world, but you're wasting your time if they do not engage. What can you do if your emails don't generate the conversions you need? First, you can ensure recipients actually look at what you send. Using visuals in email marketing campaigns provides the hook you need to grab readers' attention and communicate your message. Here are four reasons why using visuals works, the types of visuals you can use and how to use them effectively.
Posted by IndustrySelect
You've spent days honing your subject line to catch the eyes of your customers. You've agonized over every word and every link to keep the message brief and on point for each of your market segments. You've included an irresistible offer. Finally, you pull the trigger and hit send. Hundreds of emails fly out to your eager clients!

Then you wait, and wait ... and wait. Several days pass with very few bites. Why? Did your subject line trigger spam filters even though you were so careful? Or could be a simple as the email address you're using? If you're using a free email service provider, such as AOL or Yahoo, your beautifully designed campaign might just be in email purgatory. Find out why your email ends up in the spam folder, how you can reflect professionalism with your email address and how to do it in an inexpensive way.
Posted by IndustrySelect
As a B2B salesperson you are often confronting resistance, especially in today's challenging and ever-changing industrial B2B environment. But objection does not always mean rejection. In fact, in every sales objection there is an opportunity. Being prepared for some of the most common objections in sales is key to keeping the conversation going and moving towards a long-term partnership.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Oh, no. Here it comes again, the response you've been dreading: a request for more information. You've sent out multiple emails and numerous thick and expensive envelopes with boundless details concerning your product. Still, your prospects remain prospects, not closed sales. So, what do you do when prospects say, "Just send me more information?" Don't give up the pitch! Your first order of business is to keep them on the phone.
Posted by IndustrySelect
If you're not using the build-in list creation feature in your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you're missing out. Creating lists allows you to manage your contacts and ensure that no prospects fall through the cracks. The result is often a more personalized experience. Read on for some helpful tips on working lists in a CRM platform to build a better sales process.
Posted by IndustrySelect
This week, Kati McDermith, Brand Ambassador for MNI, hosted the #USAMfgHour chat on Twitter with a fun American-made mystery trivia theme. The result was a fun hour full of surprises, insights, some truly funny moments, and possibly a new invention...?
Posted by IndustrySelect
You know you have a great product that manufacturers in the U.S. will want. After hearing your presentation, a decision-maker will know it too. But before you can make your pitch, you need to enter the inner sanctum, which means getting past the gatekeeper in B2B sales. Navigating around that obstacle presents a daunting challenge. The following tips will put you on track to leap the hurdles and reach your goal.
Posted by IndustrySelect
As the pandemic shaped business communications, email has emerged as the #1 marketing channel for ROI. Consider that email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent and that 78% of marketers in 2020 said email is essential to company growth, compared to 71% in 2019.

As more and more marketers get on board with email, you are competing with many other companies for your recipient's attention. That means timing is of the essence: not only when to send that email--but perhaps even more relevant, when not to send that email. You don't want to pour everything you've got into a perfect email only to have your message ignored.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Strong closing skills can make the difference between a successful sale and a lead that doesn't convert. Successful B2B salespeople understand it takes a strategic approach to provide that final push a lead sometimes needs to make a purchase decision.

With multiple obstacles, including information overload, budget limitation, or a complex buying journey, strategies for closing sales in B2B can help a prospect make the right decision without being too pushy.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Quarter 1 of the sales cycle is much like the first quarter of the year � a time for all of your internal B2B sales strategies, such as product development and data analysis, to garner new business and presales tactics for your existing customers. All of this internal activity leads to your B2B company setting and crushing its Quarter 2 sales goals with innovative and adaptive strategies to take your products across the finish line. The following strategies can help you effectively contact manufacturers in the U.S. and meet their needs.

Posted by IndustrySelect
How many times have you been on an automatic answering system and had to repeatedly enter the same information? Worse, if you reach a live representative, you�re forced to give it all again. In this frustrating and infuriating situation, you may even be tempted to give up.

Buyers using an unintegrated multichannel process experience a similar waste of time and effort. Omnichannel selling addresses this severe obstacle to closed deals by giving you multiple ways to contact manufacturers in the U.S.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Nobody enjoys getting a door slammed in their face. An immediate hang-up or going to voicemail isn't much better, but at least you don't have to take the freeway to your next target. Cold calling requires perseverance and determination. It takes a deep understanding of your product's advantages to your potential customer. Still, successful cold calling results in a fuller pipeline and a higher closure rate.

Posted by IndustrySelect
The B2B marketplace is almost unrecognizable. Spurred by the pandemic, sales are rapidly evolving, making it imperative for you to keep up with the changing landscape. Even before the pandemic, B2B buying was becoming increasingly digital.

Gartner reports that customers spend only 17% of their time face-to-face with sales teams. Worse, that 17% covers all suppliers. Sellers share that small slice with their competitors.

Strong sales depend on gaining back access to decision-makers. That means using new techniques and strategies. Fortunately, you can find help from sales and marketing experts. The B2B sales books highlighted here will guide you toward success in the new sales world.
Posted by IndustrySelect
It's no secret that customer retention tends to cost a lot less than new customer acquisition. However, not every organization has a strong customer retention strategy in place.

From boosting revenues to unlocking loyalty, a business-to-business (B2B) customer retention program can support company-wide goals and become a cornerstone for customer success.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Trade shows and live events are tremendous opportunities for marketers to learn more about industry providers. Not only are key personnel from large enterprises presenting, but you can actually see the products and services different companies offer firsthand. For marketing and sales professionals, this level of immersion allows you to speak with authority when working with these companies.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Customer experience is everything. It's a significant differentiator for B2B sellers, and it's one of the keys to unlocking loyalty.

However, understanding how the experiences you offer shape the way buyers make decisions can be challenging. As a B2B marketer, you need to use a customer journey map to visualize this aspect of the buying process.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Are you currently working with the U.S. manufacturing market? If not, why not?

Manufacturing is an often-overlooked sector. That oversight could cost your company significant sales. The nearly 400,000 manufacturing companies in the United States have tremendous buying power.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Statistics on email marketing abound on the web and the data overwhelmingly suggests that as the highest ROI digital channel, email marketing is still the most effective way to drive traffic and conversions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and transformed the way we communicate, email marketing has become even more relevant. Today, we're diving into specific stats on email marketing as we set sail into 2022.

According to Campaign Monitor's Email Marketing Benchmarks: COVID-19 edition, more people were opening email during the pandemic than ever before. Other key takeaways from that report found email sends were up 19% from February 2020 to March 2020 and a 20% increase in open rates in March and April of 2020, compared to the same two months in 2019. This follows Campaign Monitor�s 2019 Year in Review, which reports that email marketing in 2019 yielded a 4200% ROI or $42 for every dollar spent.
Posted by IndustrySelect
It's the beginning of a new year and time to anticipate the B2B sales and marketing trends that will shape 2022. While some of these trends have defined the B2B landscape for years, there are some significant shifts to plan for. Explore 2022's biggest trends, including the latest in account-based marketing, third-party cookies, the B2B buyer's journey and more.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Our customers know MNI's industrial B2B data is the most accurate in the industry and many have wondered: how do we do it? Over the course of our 100+-year history, we've perfected a system that delivers high-quality, comprehensive company profiles to our customers. Today, we're presenting a new infographic that visualizes how company data is collected and perfected by real people for unmatched accuracy. Take a look!
Posted by IndustrySelect
As manufacturing companies scrambled to adjust to greater and greater challenges, our most popular stories on IndustrySelect for 2021 reflected the efforts of sales, marketing and business development professionals to stay abreast of new developments, improve communications with their valuable manufacturing clients, and discover new opportunities.

Posted by IndustrySelect
In sales, a good starting point is often to understand what your industrial prospects' needs are. By asking the right questions, you can establish a dialogue and recommend the best solution for a shorter sales cycle and a better B2B buying experience.
Posted by John M. Coe: President, B2BMarketing, LLC
In marketing, as in many other disciplines, the first question is, "where do I start?" Frequently, marketers start where their strengths lie or feel comfortable.

Database marketers start with data, creative types start with creative, etc. Frankly, that's why so much marketing misses the mark, and does not produce the desired results. My advice to marketers is that micro-segmentation is the "head" position. If we get it right, the relevancy of our communication will follow, break through the clutter, engage the individual and start the sales/buying process.

Posted by Kati McDermith- MNI Brand Ambassador
You researched for days, met with potential vendors for months and pitched database providers to your boss more than you really wanted to and you finally have your new list of leads!

Now what?

I am often met with the question from new IndustrySelect users and I say, there are basically three options:
Posted by IndustrySelect
With Google ending support for third-party cookies sometime in 2023, marketers and salespeople need to rethink the way they generate and target leads. The answer to the coming cookiepocalypse is to focus on first-party data.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Your company has put the work into your B2B email marketing campaigns. You have segmented your customer lists and then segmented some more. You know where each potential buyer is in the purchasing process. And you've refreshed your marketing materials and updated your contacts. You were ready to push the button to start emailing -- but then Apple iOS 15 came into the picture. These changes will greatly impact your ability to track your efforts.

But don't panic. You've faced more devastating changes to your marketing strategy and survived (a.k.a. COVID-19). You completely re-tooled the way you did business, and you can survive this change as well.

Posted by IndustrySelect
B2B marketers can learn quite a few refinements from their B2C brethren. For the most part, B2C marketing techniques rely on personalized ads. B2C marketers do so by tugging on the consumer's heartstrings. B2B marketers, on the other hand, rely on convincing an entire company to buy their product.

Let's take a closer look at what B2B can learn from B2C.
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