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Do I Need Industrial Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services?

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, September 16, 2022

Does Your Business Need Industrial Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services?

Lead generation is critical for the long-term success of any business. The sales team is the one-on-one approach to getting the word out about your business and what your company can do to help their business become better. But when the sales rep develops the opportunity, and begins to work in the sales cycle, what happens to lead generation? Are appointments continuously being set for a robust sales funnel?

Keep the Momentum Going

Having a company like SalesLeads to become the extension to your sales team can help keep the momentum moving forward with quality sales leads and identified decision makers for high value appointments. The team at SalesLeads are highly experienced in outbound sales development specifically for the industrial marketplace.

What Exactly Do We Do?

We identify, engage, nurture and when prospects are fully ready, hand off the sales leads and set appointments for your internal sales team.

Identify: We use the MNI databases to identify target accounts and key decision makers within your ideal customer profiles (ICP).

Engage: We engage your ICP prospects through a variety of marketing channels to reach, educate and begin a dialogue. If the dialogue matures quickly with an identified opportunity, we hand it off to your sales team to close. If it requires further development and nurturing, the key decision makers will continue through to nurturing.

Nurture: Nurturing takes care and time to ensure we contact the key decision makers when they are ready to begin their project. We stay in front of the prospect with continuous education and communication to ensure your products and services are part of the evaluation and solution.

Handoff: When the prospect is ready to begin the sales process, that’s our cue to handoff the decision maker to your sales team.

We work with you to set up the guidelines for each step ensuring the handoff occurs at the right time.

How Can the Service Be Applied?

Not every company has the same needs. Here are a few examples of ways industrial companies have used our services beyond filling the sales funnel for the sales team.

Territory Expansion: Companies are wanting…and needing to grow into new territories. But sometimes either you’re not sure it’s the right territory or know where within the area it's best to hire. Sometimes, you know the territory, but need help kick starting the pipeline, that’s where SalesLeads comes in to help.

Staffing Challenges/Loss of Coverage: We all know the challenges of hiring and maintaining a sales force. When that happens, the territory can come to a standstill.. SalesLeads can step in and continue the momentum with continued development of sales leads.

Revenue Diversification: With the rapid changes many manufacturing sectors have experienced the last few years, many businesses are beholden to one or two sectors. Developing markets in additional industries can be one of the most productive measures from insulating your business when industry winds shift.

Key Account Expansion: Just because you made a sale, that may not mean you ‘own’ the account. If your product or service can be used in other facilities across the U.S. or abroad, our team can help identify, educate and develop new contacts within the key account.


Results are a critical part of our deliverable, and no two clients are the same. Our Industrial Prospecting Programs are entirely customized to meet your needs. Based on your requirements, we’ll meet at a set schedule to review deliverables and results of the calling efforts.

Next Steps

Are you ready to learn how the Industrial Prospecting and Appointment Setting services can work for you? Great! Fill out the form and let’s get started.

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