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Top Trending Industrial Products & Services This Week

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, September 18, 2020

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Updated Friday, September 18th

More U.S. industrial companies are looking to source stateside as COVID-related supply chain disruptions and the ongoing tariff issues continue to transform the industry. But do you ever wonder what types of products and services companies are looking for exactly and if your company can help fill that need?

IndustryNet tracks the search data of millions of industrial buyers across 11,000 distinct product and service categories, including industrial machinery, packaging, containers, construction equipment, chemicals, business supplies and equipment and more.

In August of 2020, industrial category searches on IndustryNet totaled 491,350. This represents an increase of 8% from July’s 2020’s category searches and a 30% increase from August of 2019.

Industrial Products & Services Buyers Are Searching for This Week (Updated 9/18/2020)

For the week measured from September 10th to September 17th, searches for parts, products and services on IndustryNet totaled 77,171.

Last week, searches for pumps dominated the top subtypes for the week. This week, searches for steel returned as our most-searched subtype, with alloy, galvanized, and aluminized steel representing the most popular subtypes. Broadly speaking, the steel category accounted for a total of 3,418 searches of various types of steel.

Looking at other top broad categories for manufactured products, many trended up significantly over last week.

Trending Top Categories This Week

Tubing:: (+139%) Tubing ranked as our top trending category on IndustryNet, up 139% to 7,489 searches. Stainless steel tubing, rubber tubing and metal tubing ranked among the most popular tubing subtypes this week.

Tanks: (+109%) Searches for tanks surged last week, up 109% to 2,821 searches. Aluminum tanks; plastic tanks and stainless steel tanks were the most popular subtypes.

Food Products: (+63%). Food products ranked third in our trending categories this week, with searches up 63% to 5,492. Following a trend that has kept up since the pandemic, industrial companies were seeking various types of food products, with wholesale food products; all-natural food products and frozen food products were among the most popular subtypes.

Trailers: (+43.5%) Searches for trailers trended up also this week, to 1,646, up 43.5%. Aluminum trailers and steel trailers were the most popular subtypes.

Glass (+28%) More buyers were interested in glass, with this category hitting 1,265 searches, up 28% over last week. Colored glass; tempered glass; and wholesale glass were the most popular.

Welding: (+25%) Industrial companies were seeking more welding services this week, up 25% to 874 searches. The most popular subtypes were aluminum welding; spot welding and stainless steel welding.

Popular Industrial Products This Week

Already mentioned above, tubing (7,489 searches) and food products (5,492 searches) ranked 1st and 2nd for our most popular search categories as well as our top trending categories.

Below are some additional popular categories, based on total number of searches.

Tools: 4,905 Searches. Always a popular category, companies were looking for all types of tools this week, with that category bringing in 6,126 searches. Popular tools subtypes included steel tools; drilling tools, and automotive tools.

Chemicals: 3844 Searches. Industrial companies continued to search for a lot of different types of chemicals. Searches were led by inorganic chemicals, contract manufacturing chemicals, and construction chemicals and industrial chemicals.

Valves: 3,438 Searches. Valves were our third-most searched broad category this week after pumps and tools. Popular types of valves for the week included control valves, safety valves and stainless steel valves.

Doors 1,659 Searches. Doors ranked fourth, led by aluminum doors, overhead garage doors and rolling doors.

Molds 1,289 Searches. Industrial buyers were on the hunt for doors this week. The most sought-after were aluminum molds, steel molds and rubber molds.

Popular Industrial Services This Week

Packaging: 768 Searches. Packaging services continue to be a popular industrial services category. Companies were looking for all types of packaging, with corrugated packaging, custom packaging; and sustainable packaging the most sought after.

Printing 676 Searches. 3-D printing; variable printing and promotional printing were among the most popular printing subtypes this week.

Machining: 367 Searches. Companies were mostly searching for aluminum; precision machining and CNC machining this week.

Contractors: 275 Searches. In the contractor category, we saw strong interest in general contractors and wood framing contractors.

Consultants: 42 Searches. Industrial companies were searching for consultants this week, including energy consultants, business consultants; international consultants and start-up consultants.

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About this data. Our Trending Top Categories list is determined by taking the most popular broad search categories on and comparing the number of searches in those categories to the prior week’s searches. Our Popular Industrial Products and Services list is created by determining the most popular broad search category based on the total number of searches.

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