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In-Demand Industrial Products & Services This Week

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, October 22, 2021

woman engineer in industrial setting searches on laptop

Updated Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Welcome to our weekly rundown of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. right now. At MNI, as well as providing quality industrial sales leads among 460,000 industrial business in the U.S., we also keep track of what equipment, parts, services millions of industrial buyers are searching for across 11,000 distinct product and service categories on our industrial marketplace IndustryNet.

For the week measured October 14th through October 21st, searches for parts, products and services on IndustryNet totaled 90,486.

Most In-Demand Industrial Products and Services in the U.S. This Week (Updated 10/22/2021)

Below is a list of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. this week, based on total number of searches on MNI’s industrial marketplace IndustryNet.

1. Chemicals: 10,979 Searches
2. Castings: 9,455 Searches
3. Plating: 5,650 Searches
4. Printing: 4,951 Searches
5. Doors: 4,629 Searches
6. Food Products: 4,595 Searches
7. Valves: 2.970 Searches
8. Wire: 2,906 Searches
9. Tanks: 2,658 Searches
10. Signs: 2,613 Searches


Trending Industrial Products & Services in the U.S. (Updated 10/22/2021)

Below is a rundown of the industrial products and services that showed an increase in searches week-over-week

Machinery (+2,948%): Searches for machinery rose a whopping 2,948% this week to 823 searches. Fabricating machinery, CNC machinery, and automated assembly machinery were among the most popular.

Grinding (+427%): More companies showed interest this week in grinding, with that category climbing 427% to 232 searches. This included cylindrical grinding, precision grinding, and barstock grinding.

Machining (+262%): More companies showed interest this week in machining, with that category up 262% to 649 searches. Precision machining, precision CNC machining, and custom machining were among the most sought after.

Fasteners (+250%) Interest in fasteners rose 250% this week to 449 searches. Stainless steel fasteners, steel fasteners, and threaded fasteners were among the most sought after.

Bearings (+199%): More companies showed interest this week in bearings, with that category up 199% to 670 searches. Linear bearings, air bearings, and ball bearings were among the most sought out.

Adhesives (+165%): More companies showed interest this week in adhesives, with that category climbing 165% to 460 searches. Ceramic adhesives, rubber adhesives, and hot melt adhesives were among the most popular.

Controls (+152%) Searches for controls continue to trend up, this week spiking 152% to 1,842 searches. Buyers were most interested in electric controls, drip irrigation controls, and engine controls.

Containers (+141%) Interest in containers rose 141% this week to 283 searches. Beverage containers, cargo containers, and corrugated containers were among the most sought after.

Cylinders (+121%): Industrial buyers were on the hunt for more cylinders this week, with searches in that category up 121% to 269. Buyers were most interested in hydraulic cylinders, electric cylinders, and steel cylinders.

Stampings (+104%): This week’s 98 searches for legal services represented a 104% increase. These included searches for deep drawn stampings, die stampings, and steel stampings.

Valves (+100%): Industrial buyers were on the hunt for more valves this week, with searches up 100% to 2,970. Companies were most keenly interested in ball valves, automotive valves, and backwater valves.

Laser Cutting (+80%) Companies were looking for laser cutting services this week, with searches up 80% in that category to 56. Multi-axis laser cutting, ceramic laser cutting, and plastic laser cutting were among the most sought out.

Gases (+66%) Interest in gases rose by 66% this week to 138 searches. Industrial gases and propane gases the most sought out.

Cable (+61%) Interest in cable rose 61% this week to 1,647 searches. These included electronic cable, high speed cable and coaxial cable.

Doors (+55%): More companies showed interest this week in doors, with searches up 55% to 4,629. Overhead doors, steel doors, and track doors were the most sought out.

Roofing (+52%): Industrial buyers were on the hunt for more roofing this week, with searches up 52% to 264. Companies were most keenly interested in standing seam roofing, elastomeric roofing, and industrial roofing.

Metal Fabricating (+44%) Interest in metal fabricating rose by 44% this week to 110 searches. This included oil field industry metal fabricating and precision metal fabricating.

• Contract Manufacturing (+38%) Industrial buyers were looking for contract manufacturing this week, with searches up 38% to 525 searches. This included medical contract manufacturing, metal contracting manufacturing, and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

Filters (+37%): More buyers showed interest this week in filters, with that category up 37% to 469 searches. Automotive filters, ceramic filters, and hydraulic filters were sought out the most.

Signs (+32%): Searches for signs trended this week, up 35% to 2,613. Electric signs, electronic moving message signs, and metal signs were among the most popular.

Conveyors (+25%): For a second straight week, searches for conveyors have trended, this week up 25% to 1,177. Gravity conveyors, food handling conveyors, and belt conveyors were among the most sought out.

Pipe (+22%) Interest in pipe rose 22% this week to 1,107 searches. Plastic pipe, polyethylene pipe, and steel pipe were among the most popular.


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Editor's note: This article is updated with new statistics weekly. 

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