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In-Demand Industrial Products & Services This Week

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, November 20, 2020

woman engineer in industrial setting searches on laptop

Updated Friday, November 20th

Welcome to our weekly rundown of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. right now. At MNI, as well as providing quality industrial sales leads among 400,000+ industrial business in the U.S., we also keep track of what equipment, parts, services millions of industrial buyers are searching for across 11,000 distinct product and service categories on our industrial marketplace IndustryNet.

In October of 2020, industrial category searches on IndustryNet totaled 354,245. This is up 8% over September, and up 36% over October of 2019.

For the week measured November 12th to November 19th, searches for parts, products and services on IndustryNet totaled 114,662, representing a 28% increase over last week.

This week, we saw increased interest in roofing, which dominated our top list of most-searched subtypes.

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Our most popular broad search category this week was chemicals, which brought in 6,823 searches. This was followed by tubing, with 6,040 searches; tools, with 5093 searches; valves with 5088; and food products with 4781.

Trending Industrial Products & Services This Week (Updated 11/20/2020)

Looking at all of our top broad categories for manufactured products, many trended up significantly over last week. Below is a rundown of our top trending industrial products and services this week.

Roofing (+576%): Searches for roofing exploded this week on IndustryNet, increasing fivefold to 2,574 searches. Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in metal roofing and steel roofing.

Seals (+370%): Searches for seals increased threefold over last week, to 837 searches. products trended up over last week, bringing in 4,549 searches. Carbon seals, tank seals, and rubber seals were the most sought after.

Doors (+163%): Searches for doors more than doubled this week, with that that category bringing in 4,535 searches. Aluminum doors, commercial doors and cabinet doors boxes were among the most popular.

Wire (+113 %): Searches for wire doubled this week to 2,856 searches Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in aluminum wire, binding wire, and electrical wire.

Containers (+105%): Interest in containers surged this week, doubling over last week to 715 searches. Popular types of containers included plastic containers, bio-process containers, and litter container.

Tools (+87%): Always a popular category, searches for tools trended 87% this week to 5,093 searches. Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in hand tools, micro tools and power tools.

Engines (+74%): Industrial buyers were on the hunt for engines this week, with that category bringing in 839 searches. Automotive engines and truck engines were among the most popular.

Buildings (+69%): Industrial buyers were looking to hit the road this week, with searches for trucks more than doubling over last week to 709 searches. Prefabricated buildings, metal buildings, and storage buildings were among the most popular this week.

Metals (+67%): Searches for tanks trended up for a second straight week, up 67% to 974 searches. Popular types of metals included clad metals, expanded metals and textured metals.

Lumber (+61%): Searches for lumber trended up by 61% to 2,828 searches. Popular types of lumber on IndustryNet included hardwood lumber, pine lumber, and wholesale lumber.

Printing (+52%): Searches for printing trended up 52% to 1,765 searches. Popular types of concrete included packaging printing, offset printing and lithographic printing.

Plating (+45%): Searches for plating trended up for a second week, bringing in 2,347 searches – 45% more than last week. searches. Aluminum plating, chloride zinc plating, and nickel boron plating.

Fasteners (+44%): Searches for fasteners trended up 44% this week to 1,252 searches. Industrial buyers were heavily interested in automotive fasteners, lubricant fasteners, stainless steel fasteners.

Controls (+43%): Searches for controls trended up 43% this week to a total of 906 searches. Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in thermoelectric controls, push-pull controls, and fan controls.

Valves (+43%): Always a popular category, searches for valves trended 43% this week to 5,088 searches Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in air operated valves, compression valves, and pilot operated valves.

Aluminum (+41%): Interest in aluminum climbed this week, up 41% to 593 searches. Aluminum extrusions and rolled aluminum were among the most sought.

Packaging (+41%): Industrial buyers were looking for a lot of different types of packaging services this week, with searches in that category up 41% to 1,254 searches. Microflute packaging, thermoformed packaging, and honeycomb packaging were the most sought out this week.

Glass (+28%): Searches for glass trended up for a third straight week to a total of 4,203 searches. Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in commercial glass and decorative glass.

Chemicals (+22%): Searches for chemicals trended up over last week to 6,823 searches. Industrial buyers were most interested in flame retardant chemicals, industrial chemicals, and oil field intermediate chemicals.

Dies (+17%): For a third straight week, searches for dies trended up, this time by 17% to 572 searches. Popular types of dies on IndustryNet included steel rule dies, threading dies and label dies.

Pipe (+17%): Searches for pipe trended for a second straight week, with searches up 17% to 1,994. remains a popular search category, trending 30% this week to 1,702 searches Industrial buyers were most keenly interested in steel pipe, plastic pipe, and culvert & sewer pipe.

Castings (+16%): Searches for castings exploded this week, up 16% to 3,099 searches. Popular types of castings included aluminum castings; aluminum sand castings; and lost wax castings.

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About this data. Our Trending Top Categories list is determined by taking the most popular broad search categories on and comparing the number of searches in those categories to the prior week’s searches. Our Popular Industrial Products and Services list is created by determining the most popular broad search category based on the total number of searches.

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