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New U.S. Manufacturing Plants Announced in December

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Manufacturing executives look over factory floorAccording to IndustrySelect’s database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers, 4.7% of the nation’s manufacturing companies have reported either sales or employment growth to us over the past year.

Most recently, we’ve reported some promising growth among packaging equipment manufacturers, while recent data shows U.S. manufacturing output and industrial employment both rebounded last month.

Meanwhile, manufacturers in the U.S. continue to break ground on new facilities and announce expansions.

This article will provide a roundup of the new U.S. manufacturing plants announced in December.

Where U.S. Manufacturing is Thriving

As in previous months, the U.S. South has dominated the headlines when it comes to new manufacturing plant announcements.

The Southern and Midwest regions of the United States are slightly ahead of the rest of the nation in terms of manufacturing growth, according to MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect.

5.3% of industrial plants in the Midwest have reported either sales growth or employment growth to MNI’s 80-person research team, while 5.1% of facilities in the U.S. South have reported growth.

This is compared to 4.6% of companies in the Western region of the U.S. and 4.3% in New England.

New Manufacturing Plants in the U.S.


The state of Arkansas welcomed the news this month that SFI, a metal stamping & fabrication plant with locations in Tennessee and Arkansas, plans to expand its Conway, AR site, adding an expected 75 new jobs over the next eighteen months to the 250,000 square-foot plant. This will nearly double the plan’s exisiting workforce.

The company’s Vice President, Jim McGill said in a statement: “Our reinvestment into our Conway facility is very intentional. Our employees work hard every day to assure we stay globally competitive. They deserve to have the best tools and technology to maintain that competitiveness.”

Arkansas is a stronghold for steelmaking and metal fabricating, home to companies like SFI, Russellville Steel Co and PTS Processing.

According to IndustrySelect, there are currently 337 metal fabrication companies in the state of Arkansas. 5% of these metal fabrication companies have reported sales or employment growth in the past year.


Earlier this month, Florida Caribbean Distillers announced plans to establish a high-tech aluminum can manufacturing plant in Winter Haven. 

The new facility will occupy 300,000 square feet in Central Florida and expects to employ 160 workers once operational in 2021.

In addition to the new Winter Haven plant, the company projects future expansions based on continued demand for aluminum cans.


The state of Kentucky made the news this month when TPG Plastics announced plans to break ground on a major new manufacturing plant in Murray.

TPG produces plastic containers and will utilize coextrusion machines and plastic injection molding at the new facility, which will significantly expand current offerings.

The new 62,000 square-foot facility is slated to employ 75 once up and running and will provide greater access to markets in the Southeast.

The state of Kentucky provided $1 million in incentives, while TPG invested $14.3 million in the new plant.


Meanwhile, next door in Tennessee, South Korea-based Hyosung Heavy Industries announced plans this week to invest $87 million to establish a manufacturing facility in Memphis.

Hyosung Heavy Industries produces electrical power equipment. The new plant is slated to be up and running in 2020 and will employ 410.

Said Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee about the new project: “HICO is a welcome addition to our steadily growing manufacturing sector in Tennessee. I appreciate HICO for creating more than 400 manufacturing jobs in Memphis and Shelby County and look forward to seeing this company’s continued success in our state."

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Not all the good news this month happened in the South, however. This month, GM made the exciting announcement that it will be partnering with LG Chem and establishing a new battery facility in Lordstown, Ohio.

The new Lordstown plant will produce batteries for GM’s line of electric vehicles.

The new enterprise will set up shop in GM’s previously-shuttered Chevy Cruze facility in Lordstown and will eventually employ 1,100 workers.

Workers at the facility will focus on developing and enhancing lithium-ion battery technology in order to reduce battery and electric vehicle costs.

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