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Announcing the New North American Cannabis Industry Business Database

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, September 14, 2020


MNI is pleased to announce the launch of the North American Cannabis Industry Business Database, the most comprehensive compilation of businesses in the fast-growing and lucrative cannabis industry of its kind.

Profiling 11,000 businesses and 13,000 decision-makers, the Cannabis Industry Business Database is the result of more than twelve months of firsthand research by MNI’s 80-person data research team.

Applying the same exhaustive research methods the company has refined over a century, MNI researchers conducted a sweeping analysis of the thousands of start-ups, growers, suppliers and service providers that currently populate this ever-growing market.

Billed as a one-stop resource on the cannabis industry, the new database takes a bird’s eye view of the market, listing profiles of not only growers, producers and processors of cannabis and cannabis-related products, but all affiliated industries offering support and equipment such as packaging supplies; extraction/processing equipment; greenhouse contractors; investment companies; legal support, insurance providers and more.

Said Michael Reilly, Associate Vice-President of Data Research at MNI, "Many businesses struggle to find their way in this new and burgeoning industry, and MNI is here to help connect professionals and specialists in a way that will benefit everyone involved, from farmers to dispensaries and everyone in between. With several new states voting to legalize cannabis later this year, this industry is taking off at a very rapid pace."

The market for legal cannabis is expected to hit a value of $73.6 billion USD by the year 2027, with experts expecting the industry to grow at 18% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), making it a hot market for many businesses. As compilers and publishers of industrial data since 1912, MNI has kept abreast of industrial trends for more than a century. Compiling information on this emerging industry seemed a logical next step in its mission to help professionals in the industrial sales, marketing, business development and recruiting industries explore new markets and grow their business.

Looking ahead, MNI researchers will continue to apply the same verification and updating procedures used in all of its industrial business profiles, which entails contacting each company multiple times per year and incorporating all new enterprises that arrive on the scene. Data is updated on a live 24/7 basis.

Purchasers of the North American Cannabis Industry Business Database can choose between four tiers of access to fit their budget, with top-level access including direct executive email addresses and phone numbers, where permitted*, that can be directly exported to a CRM or address book. Detailed explanation of the various subscription options can be found here.

Ready to Explore the New Cannabis Database?

The best way for interested subscribers to check out the new North American Cannabis Industry Business Database is to try out our free, one-day access. Call 800-221-2172 today to learn more or contact your sales rep.

Not an IndustrySelect subscriber yet? Click here to learn more about IndustrySelect can give you access to live data on 500,000 U.S. industrial businesses and one million executives for prospecting, sales, marketing, business development, recruiting and more.

As always, we love to hear from our customers. Do you have feedback or have a question on the new database or on any IndustrySelect product? Send us an email!

* Purchasers of our cannabis database should be aware that due to the varying levels of cannabis legality and security concerns, some companies in the database have requested we not publish their phone number, address, and/or executive names.

About MNI

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