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Global Energy Industry Business Database Now Available

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

100068_global energy datanaseMNI is pleased to announce that its Global Energy Industry Business Database is now available to both IndustrySelect subscribers and new users.

This comprehensive database, acquired from Midwest Publishing Company in September, provides vital information on 100,000 locations and more than 500,000 executive decision makers in the energy industry.

MNI acquired the database from Midwest Publishing Company in September of 2019 and has been in the process of reformatting this new set of data for IndustrySelect customers.

The Global Energy Industry Business Database is the most comprehensive worldwide database from "wellhead to burner tip" in existence.

The database contains listings across a spectrum of energy-related verticals in North America and select global locations, including pipelines; oil & gas exploration; well services; transmission & gathering, refining & gas processing; liquid terminals; drilling and well servicing; petrochemical, gas utilities & local distribution companies (LDC’s) and more.

The Global Energy Industry Database also includes companies that support the energy industry.

Call 800-221-2172 today for special introductory pricing.

Today, we’re going to answer a few FAQ’s on what to expect from the Global Energy Industry Business Database:

Q: Did MNI gather all this data on the energy industry?

A: MNI acquired the data from Midwest Publishing Company in September and since that time we have migrated the database into our systems and cleaned up the formatting of various data elements to match that of MNI.

We will continue to update and enhance this new data over time, bringing it up to speed with the quality and accuracy our information is known for.

Q: I want to know more about the energy assets my prospects operate. Does the database include locations that do not have a physical office?

The Global Energy Industry Business Database attempts to profile every possible “location” regardless of whether there is an office at that location.

For example, a hydro-electricity generating station in a river would be listed as a location, even though there is no physical office.

Users of this data have found these locations useful as a research tool and are particularly beneficial for someone who wants to know what types of energy assets a particular company operates.

Customers should expect some listings with no address (or actual physical description of the location, not a mailing address), no phone, no contacts, etc

Q: What about auxiliary industries that interact with the energy sector, like equipment suppliers and construction firms?

A: The Global Energy Industry Business Database includes not only companies specifically in the energy industry, but also companies that support the energy industry including Engineering & Construction Firms, Contractors & Service Companies, Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers, and Trade Associations & Regulatory Agencies.

This is very much an “industry” database that includes many different types of companies that are either in or serve the industry.

Q: Doesn’t my IndustrySelect subscription already include some of these companies in the energy industry and supporting industries?

A. Because the Global Energy Industry Business Database includes manufacturing companies that serve the energy industry, there will be a small amount of overlap with your current IndustrySelect subscription.

For this reason, the global energy database is priced lower than your manufacturing database subscription.

Q: This is called a “global” database, though MNI records usually focus on North American companies. What is the geographic breakdown of this data?

A. This database does include international records if the global listing in question is associated with a U.S. or Canada-based company. Roughly three-quarters of this data represents listings in the U.S. & Canada, so it is a North American database first, with additional information available on international companies where relevant.

The general breakdown is as follows: USA = 68%, Canada = 9%, Europe = 10%, Asia/Pacific = 7%, Latin America = 3%, Middle East = 2%, Africa = 1%.

Q: I am new to IndustrySelect. I am not interested in the manufacturing database but would like to access the energy data.

Can I get the Global Energy Industry database without subscribing to your manufacturing database?

A: Absolutely! We want you to have the data you need. Nothing more, nothing less. The global energy industry business database is available as a standalone subscription.

Click here to get started with IndustrySelect. Or call 800-221-2172 to learn more.

Ready to begin exploring the new energy database?

The best way for interested subscribers to check out the new Global Energy Industry Business Database is to try out our free, one-day access.

Call 800-221-2172 today to learn more or contact your sales rep.

Not an IndustrySelect subscriber yet? Click here to learn more about IndustrySelect can give you access to live data on 400,000 U.S. manufacturers and one million executives for prospecting, sales and marketing.

As always, we love to hear from our customers. Do you have feedback or have a question on the new database or on any IndustrySelect product? Send us an email!



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