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MNI Acquires Global Energy Database, Adding 100K Profiles to IndustrySelect

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Illinois-based MNI announced today that it has acquired the Global Energy Database from its longtime publisher, Midwest Publishing Company.

MNI is the nation’s oldest and largest compiler and publisher of industrial business data, originally founded in 1912. MNI profiles nearly 400,000 U.S. businesses including U.S. manufacturers, industrial wholesalers & distributors, and selected B-to-B industrial services.

With the acquisition of the Global Energy Database, MNI will add over 100,000 new company profiles and 300,000 executive decision makers by name & title to its database. MNI expects the Global Energy Database to be available to its customers by late November.

MNI acquired the Global Energy Database from Midwest Publishing Company, the leading authority on business contacts within the energy industry since 1943.

Over the past 76 years, Midwest Publishing has worked with thousands of customers providing the most comprehensive energy industry data at the most competitive prices.

The Global Energy Database is the most complete worldwide database from "wellhead to burner tip" known to exist, profiling contacts within the areas of transmission & gathering, refining & gas processing, petrochemical, liquid terminals, drilling & well servicing, gas utilities & local distribution companies (LDC’s), electric generation, transmission, & distribution, and oil & gas exploration & production (E&P).

Under its new ownership, MNI plans to invest heavily into updating and enhancing the Global Energy Database, further improving its accuracy and depth.

“We commonly hear from customers that they love the quality of our data and wish we would profile additional companies beyond manufacturers,” said Scott Kartsounes, MNI’s Chief Technology Officer. “The Global Energy Database nicely complements our U.S. Manufacturers and Industrial Wholesalers & Distributors Databases, providing customers with additional company profiles in the industrial sector”.

Kartsounes says that what differentiates MNI from other data compilers is the human factor. They do not rely on web scraping that often produces outdated, inaccurate, or unreliable data. The foundation of every company profile is built entirely on human research and complemented with modern technologies for data verification and quality control.

MNI staffs more than 80 researchers and proofreaders who contact every company in the MNI database multiple times annually to ensure its information remains up-to-date and complete. All this effort really shows, with up to thirty data points on each business, including multiple executive contacts per company.

MNI believes you will not find a more powerful tool to reach the executive with the final decision-making authority. MNI business data is available via online subscription access, which is primarily used for prospecting, sales, marketing, business development, and research.

Over the coming weeks, customers of Midwest Publishing Company’s existing online platform will be migrated over to IndustrySelect, MNI’s online platform. IndustrySelect works similarly with functions that allow customers to search for companies and contacts or build lists by entering criteria based on company location, size, and industry.

A free, no obligation demo is available at With a reinvigorated commitment to enhancing the quality of the data, backed by the IndustrySelect platform for accessing the database and building lists, MNI believes there has never been a better time for past Midwest Publishing customers to renew access to the Global Energy Database.

After 76 years, Midwest Publishing Company will be closing its doors. As a courtesy, the Midwest Publishing website will remain online through November 1st with limited support during this transition.

Learn more about MNI at and sign up for a free IndustrySelect demo at Learn more about Midwest Publishing Company at

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