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Key Factors Impacting Purchasers in the Food Products Machinery Industry

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, July 15, 2019

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The food products machinery industry accounts for $7.42 billion in current sales, according to data gathered by IndustrySelect, making it a key part of the overall world market.

Taking a closer look at the trends in the industry will help you better understand the factors affecting the industry and its needs.

Positioning the Industry With Key Figures

Before taking a look at the trends in the industry, let's get a better feel for the sector with some statistics courtesy of IndustrySelect.

There are 27,720 jobs in 681 companies, a job increase of 1.6% over the previous year. In the same period, sales increased by 2.16% and 5% of the companies reported employment increases, in contrast to 3% reporting decreases.

As for sales, 2% report increases, none of them a decline.

Of the 681 companies, 32% import raw materials, 34% focus on domestic distribution and 63% international. Geographically, 39% of the companies in the United States are in the Midwest, 23% South, 21.73% West and 16.3% Northeast.

Demand for processed food on the rise

A significant trend having an impact on the food-processing machinery industry is the rise in demand for processed and packaged foods.

The increase comes from a combination of population growth and the convenience associated with those foods. The increased demand results from rapid globalization and rising disposable income levels.

Specific areas of the processed-food market are experiencing damand increases. A good example is processed meats, including pork and poultry. There also is a growing demand for frozen food products.

Automated Technologies

The availability of more automation technologies also has had an impact on the machinery industry. The technologies allow for quicker and more cost-effective production, allowing the manufacturers to complete their production more quickly.

The automation also assists the industry's clients with their own productivity, providing added value to the equipment.

Optimization of existing facilities and equipment

Food processing machinery companies are focused on optimizing and improving the efficiency, profitability, worker safety and product quality of their plants.

Manufacturers also want to lower production costs by taking advantage of meaningful production data. Finally, optimization includes training staff and using robots for repetitive and dangerous tasks.

Factors that Influence Purchasing Decisions

Those interested in the food products machinery industry should also be aware of the factors that influence purchase decisions at the moment.

Trends place an emphasis on factors such as product versatility, simplifying changeovers, equipment accuracy and maximizing waste and energy efficiency.


With food products machinery manufacturers reporting more than $7 billion in current sales, their industry is one that's impossible to ignore.

Automated technology and a rising demand for packaged and processed food are having a strong impact on the industry, among other trends.

Contacting U.S. Food Products Manufacturers

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