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Interview With a Marketing Manager

Posted by Kati McDermith- MNI Brand Ambassador on Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Have you ever seen a robot in action? Me neither, but my friends at RMH actually design and control (and test) robotic systems for automation! How cool is that?! Or freaky? (We just watched Monsters of Man last weekend).

My favorite part of this job is meeting new professionals in the manufacturing industry and learning about the types of machines they make. Sometimes I make strong connections with these clients and sometimes, if I am lucky, I make a friend!

People that keep me on top of my game and allow me to understand their business and act as a true advocate!

For the most part I meet new people in my weekly IndustrySelect Zoom demonstrations. Attendees tell me that my passion and excitement for manufacturing and MNI is contagious.

I have said it before, and I will shout it from the rooftops: manufacturing and machines are cool!

I am so pleased to bring to you, another installment of my spooky October Manufacturing Month series. Today, I'll be talking with my friend Jenni Hill, Marketing Manager at RMS Systems.

Interview With Jenni Hill, Marketing Manager at RMH Systems

KATI: How long have you been RMH?

JENNI: I started at RMH last October. I’m new to the industry but the RMH team has been incredibly supportive. I love the company and the industry!

KATI: What actually does a Marketing Manager do? What are your primary functions and goals?

JENNI: I think the role of a Marketing Manager varies a lot these days depending on the size and structure of the marketing team/company, the kinds of products and services they offer, and the customers they serve. However, I think the goal for all of us is to turn awareness into leads through demand generation and ultimately help convert those leads into customers. As a B2B Marketing Manager, I’m responsible for telling the RMH story in a way that sets RMH apart from our competitors and assures customers that we can deliver on our brand promise. While there’s a strategy to ensure you reach your customers, I think having a truly authentic approach is really important. I’m passionate about that. Today’s customers are smart – they’re looking for the real deal!

KATI: What is your favorite part of working for RMH?

JENNI: Every day is different at RMH. I think a lot of that is because we offer such a complete suite of industrial solutions all under one roof including Material Handling, packaging, robotics, scales, and service. Marketing is really just the process of communicating what you offer to your clients. Because we offer so much and our team of experts executes so well, there’s a lot to communicate! Every day, I come to work with a long list of things to accomplish. My day often includes creating digital content; collaborating with our sales team, clients, and vendor partners; diving into Google analytics to better understand customer behavior; and developing strategies to better reach our customers. I love the variety and I love the challenge of it all.

KATI: Tell me about RMH?

JENNI: In short, we are a full-service systems integrator with a team of experts who collaboratively provide solutions that helps our customers work safer, more efficient, and more automated. As a marketer, I’m trying to find a concise yet clear way of communicating the full extent of what we do. When I talk about RMH Systems’ innovative culture and how our growth has been fueled by the desire to be a one-stop shop for our customers, I think it’s easier to understand how committed we are to helping our customers succeed. A good example of that is adding our own robotics division to address customers’ changing needs. It’s really a joy to market a company with who is so client-centric to the core.

KATI: What is your favorite Halloween Candy?

JENNI: No brainer: Candy Corn mixed with peanuts. It tastes like a Salted-Nut-Roll except better and way more addictive!

KATI: What advice would you have for someone just starting out in Marketing?

JENNI: Our Marketing intern will be leaving us to a full-time position and my parting advice for her was to be fearless and to make the most of every opportunity to learn. Marketing changes constantly and it’s important to be well-rounded and adaptable enough to keep up with it. I started my career over 30 years ago as a graphic designer/writer and morphed into marketing by stepping out of my comfort zone to learn from talented associates. While I’m by no means an expert in all facets of marketing, but the broad understanding of marketing as a whole has served me well and helped immensely in developing strategies and managing projects.

KATI: You must get a lot of sales calls yourself! What advice do you have to help others market to you better?

JENNI: Do your homework! Solution selling necessitates an understanding of where a customer is coming from before you can provide products or solutions to address their challenges.

KATI: How has MNI helped you or RMH?

JENNI: MNI and specifically you, Kati have been very helpful in providing me with industry information and trends. You were one of the first industry partners to take me under your wing and point out opportunities to learn and help grow our presence. I’m a huge fan of your updates, posts, and the way you simply reach out to share something you feel might be of interest to us! When it comes to getting to know your customers and advocating for them, you set a really great example for sales and marketing teams to follow. Thank you.

KATI: No, thank YOU, Jenni, for being a continued and reliable source of motivation and support! I so love having a friend I can share some of my excitement with. I really like following the content you put on RMHs LinkedIn and I look forward to attending one of your robotic dry runs!

How many of you are going to be going out and buying bags of candy corn and peanuts?!

I know I am!

Want to attend an IndustrySelect live demonstration? I would love to have you join in the excitement!

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