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Interview With a Freight Broker

Posted by Kati McDermith - MNI Brand Ambassador on Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Wow! It’s the end of October already!

As manufacturing month comes to an end, I am wrapping up this spooky Interview series with a look into the brains of a Freight Broker!

When I drive around, I am constantly amazed by the cool things we move in our country. Even with supply chain shortages, our freight movers are always on the job. I would like to shed some light on the industry as it pertains to brokering of freight services. I am sure we will all learn something.

I bring to you in closing, an interview with a Freight Broker, Pedro Angulo.

Interview With A Freight Broker

KATI: Tell me, how long have you been Freight Broker?

PEDRO: 6 months. Seems much longer!

KATI: Can you tell me the story of how you started in the freight industry?

PEDRO: I had family in the industry, but I knew little about it. There was an opening for a position, and I was eager to master something new. I did some research on the freight transportation industry and discovered how pivotal it is to our society and immediately got hooked. I also loved the idea of being able to work from home to spend more time with my family.

KATI: I can relate to your familial connection to an industry...Do you remember your greatest struggle as a new broker?

PEDRO: Thinking I had not prepared enough or knew enough to offer my services to manufacturers in need, which inhibited me from actually starting and reaching out to new leads.

Also, getting comfortable with rejection, and becoming more patient (being a new broker is all about follow up, follow up, follow up!).

KATI: This was also how I felt when I started Lead Gen in the early 2000’s. It appears to me that freight brokering is a lot like Lead Generation, with more pressure and higher stakes. What are some issues Freight Brokers face today?

PEDRO: Dealing with driver pay shortage. Carriers are easy to find, what’s not easy is to find is a driver willing to accept the amount a shipper/broker wants to pay for that transportation.

Market rates are always changing, shippers, brokers, & trucking companies are not always willing to negotiate a fair rate to compensate the actual driver who is doing the real hard work.

Navigating this issue and being the best middleman is what freight brokering is all about.

KATI: I had no idea this is how it worked!... What is your favorite part of being a freight broker?

PEDRO: I love meeting new people and getting the opportunity to bring smiles to satisfied customers!

KATI: What advice do you have for new brokers?

PEDRO: Don’t give up, the initial journey is rough and time consuming that offers little return. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time to reap the benefits. But if I could tell my past self some advice, I would say “Don’t be afraid, just go for it!”

KATI: okay, now some fun questions…What is your favorite Halloween candy?

PEDRO: Anything sour. My favorite Halloween packs of candy are the ones with nerds, smarties, skittles, and laffy taffies, makes me feel like a kid again!

KATI: I love sour treats too!!!...What is your favorite spooky character?

PEDRO: The first that comes to mind is Dracula!

KATI: Fitting that I have done a vampire theme here then! Spooky!...What is your favorite spooky movie?

PEDRO: 1993 animated Nightmare Before Christmas

KATI: Before we wrap this up, can you tell me how IndustrySelect has helped you in building your business?

PEDRO: IndustrySelect keeps me organized and efficient while I aim to gain exclusivity with more and more shippers/customers from a database I can trust.

KATI: It is key to have an up to date and accurate database to work from. IndustrySelect is happy to partner with you!

Thanks again Pedro for helping me with this project and the others we work on together. I learned a lot in this session! Best of luck to you!

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Or contact me for help building your own targeted list! kmcermith@mni.net


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