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How To Generate Top Quality Manufacturing B2B Leads

Posted by IndustrySelect on Thursday, July 18, 2019



It's no secret that businesses today face more competition than ever, regardless of their niche. Competition is particularly fierce in the manufacturing market. Innovations in Industry 4.0, such as the internet of things inspire manufacturers to overhaul their business strategies and increase the fidelity of their products and services.

If your brand is to grow and outmaneuver the competition in the coming years, you'll have to generate B2B leads flawlessly. The good news is that there are solutions that other businesses and experts have come up with, beginning with getting leads to new customers.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation has changed significantly in recent years, thanks to innovations in technology and marketing. It can be most accurately described as "the first step in the sales process." It's the hook that pulls the customers in and gets them to download your demo or give your sales team a call.

Today, lead generation can be done through a variety of methods.

Establishing your Brand as a Thought Leader

Some marketing agencies advise you to create a free product or demo as a lead-in for your products or services. Others say you should post ads on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Still others may suggest that your business attend industry events and attempt to hook people in person.

All of those methods revolve around one thing: delivering content to potential clients. Whether it's an ad, blog, article, email, product or a digital or in-person demo, your business delivers some sort of content to potential clients and hopes it will rope them in enough who will be interested in purchasing.

The hard truth of B2B lead generation is that you'll never be effective unless you position your brand as a thought leader in your niche. That means two things:

1. Offer quality content. Whether it's a blog or an ad, make it valuable to consumers. If all of your lead-generation attempts are just up-front sales pitches, potential clients will stop paying attention. Make sure that whatever content you're using to generate leads is high-quality and valuable to the consumer.

An example would be a well-written email detailing trends in the manufacturing industry along with a call to action for your product or service at the end. That's much more effective than an email that looks like just another sales call.

2. Use Top Shelf Data Use data to identify who will want your product, and deliver content specific to that demographic. Data is the black gold of marketing, and for good reason. You should analyze current client and industry data to see what types of consumers may be interested in your products or services.

Then, tailor your lead-generation content to those people. A word of caution: make sure you use updated data to tailor your delivery. Many sources offer out-of-date data that will not reflect the market you want your brand to penetrate, so do some research if you're outsourcing data collection.

 If you offer valuable content to the right demographics of potential clients, you'll unlock the key to generating B2B sales leads, and you'll establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. That will let your brand build trust even with consumers who don't immediately need your product or service.

In turn, your likelihood of pulling in repeat customers down the road will be increased since they will trust your brand. Consumers also regularly visit the content of industry thought leaders since they consider it valuable, even if they don't buy a thought leader's products or services. That's another great plus of using quality content to generate B2B leads.

Ultimate Solution

If your business wants to get ahead of the competition and use industry research to create quality B2B lead generation content, IndustrySelect is your go-to source for top shelf data. In addition, IndustrySelect subscribers get up to 30 data points to help manufacturers identify and pre-qualify the best leads.

Profiles also include the names, titles and email addresses of hard-to-reach executive decision-makers. To learn more about what IndustrySelect can do for you and your brand, visit our website.


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