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How Staffing Agencies Can Expand Into the Drug & Medical Supply Market

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, September 9, 2020



COVID-19 has caused a number of cutbacks across the manufacturing industry. One area that is experiencing exponential growth is the medical and pharmaceutical supply industry. For staffing agencies currently looking for opportunities, this is a sector that offers them en masse.

The number of companies involved in medical and pharmaceutical supply is relatively high compared to many other sectors. Based on data provided by MNI, there are nearly 1,500 medical supply companies across the United States and over 14,500 chemical supply companies.

The latter are companies that produce chemicals that may be used for pharmaceuticals or other purposes. Together, these sectors provide almost 170,000 jobs at present. However, this number is growing as the industry catches up with demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

R&D Opportunities

One of the largest chemical producers in this country, Eli Lilly and Company has over 10,000 employees.

The company is currently leading research into synthetic monoclonal antibodies that can be used to stop the spike proteins of COVID-19 from penetrating cells in the human body. If this research proves useful during upcoming clinical studies, it can be used to supplement current drugs or even replace the need for a vaccine. This ramping up of studies, research and development is being played out at hundreds of locations across the nation.

How to Get Connected

Since there is high demand for employees at this time, it is somewhat easier to get clients compared with other sectors of manufacturing.

The hard part, of course, is getting your name out there. Here are a few strategies to help.


One extremely popular way of drawing attention to your staffing capabilities is through content marketing. Writing articles, posting relevant photographs or delivering an email newsletter are all valid methods of garnering attention and demonstrating your competence in the field.

Starting content marketing can be done at any time for virtually just the cost of your time to find or create content. Maintaining a presence, however, does take dedication and patience, as results do not happen overnight. Consistency depends on setting a schedule that potential clients can become reliant upon. Rather than release a flurry of content haphazardly, planning releases in advance is a much more effective method of drawing and maintaining interest.


Speeding up the process of getting eyes on your company can occur through the use of SEO in your content.

These are words and phrases that, when used organically, boost your visibility in specific searches.

For example, if you write an article about medical supply staffing, it will help your ranking to make sure that at least some, if not all, of those words appear multiple times in the piece.

Otherwise, the search engines will not know to include it when someone is searching for what you offer.

Cold call

Calling a medical or pharmaceutical supply company directly is normally a very forward method of opening lines of communication, but during these unusual times, there is an advantage to this. Being well informed about the companies needs and their specific business challenges can make a cold call feel more like a casual conversation.

Company Research

Getting information about a company can come from many sources. The first choice of many is the use of a search engine like Google or Bing.

Depending on the search criteria, the results can list a wide variety of data on a company and its current activities.

Another way to find out the latest information on a company is through the use of stock and investment reports.

Anytime a notable event occurs at a publicly traded company, these reports will cover it, as the event can affect stock price. For your purposes, it gives you a look at what the company is working on, and sometimes it will blatantly state that they are looking to expand their workforce.

Publicly traded medical and pharmaceutical supply firms both average around 20% of the total number of companies.

Compared to most of the manufacturing industry, this is a high enough percentage to make this a viable method of research.

Get Started

An easier way of doing all of these things is through IndustrySelect. With nearly half a million industrial companies and one million individual executive contacts, IndustrySelect makes communication easy. As a subscriber, you can identify and pre-qualify leads with up to 30 data points on every company, thanks to the work of MNI's 80 professional researchers.

Company profiles also contain the names, titles and email addresses of executive decision makers, simplifying and streamlining your research and contact process. The IndustrySelect data sales team can provide your business with thoughtful strategies for working with any company, in any sector. Try a free demo today!


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