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Finding Companies That Need Freight Hauled Amid COVID-19

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A large blue semitruck hauls freight on a highway


Even with the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns, the manufacturing industry still requires freight and shipping services to create and deliver their products to the nation.

As a freight company, finding companies that need freight hauled does not need to be a difficult endeavor. Here are some ways that you can find opportunities regardless of outside forces.

State of the Industry

While freight intensity (the ratio of total tonnage to GDP) has fallen significantly since 1990, it has leveled out somewhat since 2009. This was in part caused by a shift from heavy industry to smaller, lighter products and supplies. When COVID-19 hit, manufacturing across the board saw a decrease of up to 15%, with nearly a third of workers being subjected to reduced hours. It, therefore, follows that lower production results in a less robust shipping market.

The severe impact of COVID-19 shutdowns will take between three and five years to overcome, according to some studies. The exact time for a full recovery will depend on the types of freight being carried, with pharmaceuticals, PPE, agriculture and food most likely leading the way.

Companies that are able to pivot and transport these products will undoubtedly benefit the most.

The most effective means of transportation will be LTL and FTL shipping as they are the most flexible in load size, volume and existing primary cargo types. Rail transport will take longer to recover due to its significant shipping proportion of commodities such as oil, gas and coal. Air transport, which is strongly supported by electronics and light machinery, will similarly take a relatively long time to fully recover.

Despite the state of the industry, finding manufacturers in need of transportation does not need to be a complicated exercise. There are several ways to connect with companies in need of your services.

Keep it Local

There are undoubtedly manufacturing companies within a relatively close radius of your location that either do not have or are not satisfied with their shipper. Contacting one of these companies can yield a new client while also helping stimulate your local economy.

You May Already Know Them

Your personal contact list is full of people who may work at a company that needs a reliable shipper. If you know someone who works at a potential prospect, give them a call and ask how business is going with regards to shipping services. If you have lost touch or are not sure where someone works, open a dialogue and find out. Not every person will result in a new client, but there are bound to be a few. Plus, you'll reacquaint with old friends.

Look Within Existing Clients

Are any of your existing clients big enough to have multiple distribution centers or locations? If you do not have contacts at these locations, IndustrySelect can provide the contact data for the decision makers at these branches. Explain that you already handle one region, and let your performance metrics seal the deal.

Clients have Suppliers

Your manufacturing clients need raw materials, supplies and machinery. Who provides those for them? It is worth checking with these companies to see whether they require shipping services. Be aware of the type of freight that would need to be transported to make sure your fleet can accommodate it.

Clients have Customers

Who does your client sell to? They may not be a manufacturer in the strictest sense of the word, but that does not discount their need to ship and receive.

As mentioned, IndustrySelect is a fantastic resource for finding leads and clients. With over half a million businesses profiled, you can take advantage of powerful sales tools to help you and your team connect with the right people. Click here to learn more. 

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