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These are the Fastest-Growing U.S. Food Products Machinery Manufacturers

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, July 23, 2019



Regardless of the market, food products machinery manufacturers must work with downstream manufacturers of food and beverages, a relationship that influences machinery products.

Food-processing machinery is commonly used for beverages, meat and seafood, dairy, fruits and vegetables, bakery goods and more.

The industry is looking for methods to streamline design and production, an increase in contract manufacturers and optimizing operation and maintenance.

Industry figures provide some insight into the growth of the makers across the states.

Positioning the Industry based on Key Figures

Before taking a closer look at the largest- and fastest-growing companies in the food products machinery manufacturing business, take a minute to understand its size as a whole and some general trends.

It comprises 681 companies with 27,720 jobs and average current sales of $7.42 billion. In the past year, jobs have increased 1.6%, and sales by 2.16%.

The largest percentage of the companies (39%) are in the Midwest; followed by the South, with 23%; West at 21.73%; and Northeast, 6.3%.

Largest and Fastest-Growing Companies in the Industry

Quick View:

The following companies are those considered the largest, based on self-reported employment growth, by the number of employees.

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.420ChestertonIN
Stoelting Foodservice Equipment250KielWI
Idaho Steel Products, Inc.188Idaho FallsID
Tetra Pak Processing Equipment, Inc.175WinstedMN
GEM Equipment Of Oregon, Inc.160WoodburnOR
Prime Equipment Group, Inc.130ColumbusOH
Marchant-Schmidt, Inc.125Fond du LacWI
United Bakery Equipment Co., Inc.95Rancho DominguezCA
Southern Fabrication Works, LLC90BurleyID
Dyco, Inc.90BloomsburgPA
Bepex International LLC70MinneapolisMN
PROBAT, Inc.60Vernon HillsIL

About the Largest and Fastest-Growing Food Machinery Manufacturers

1. Urschel Laboratories, Inc., Chesterton, Ind., 420 employees
Produces food-cutting equipment for food-processing plants

2. Stoelting Foodservice Equipment, in Kiel, Wis., 250
Creates equipment for batch and frozen beverages, frozen custard and soft-serve ice cream

3. Idaho Steel Products, Inc., in Idaho Falls, Idaho, 188
Mmanufactures general food-processing equipment, including stainless steel, structural and plate equipment

4. Tetra Pak Processing Equipment, Inc., Winstead, Minn., 175
Produces equipment to process food in general, dairy in particular

5. GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc., Woodburn, Ore., 160
Manufactures food-processing machinery

6. Prime Equipment Group, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, 130
Produces American-made custom equipment for processing poultry, and stand-alone machines, including replacement parts, spares and metal fabrication

7. Marchant-Schmidt, Inc., Fond du Lac, Wis., 125
Offers quality processing services and equipment for food and dairy industries

8. United Bakery Equipment Co., Inc., Rancho Dominguez, Calif., 95
Produces bakery equipment in particular

9. Southern Fabrication Works, LLC, Burley, Idaho, 90 employees
Provides custom food-processing equipment and engineered washing as well as soil extraction, transportation, cutting, sizing and storage


With a clearer idea of the food-processing machinery manufacturing market, you're better-equipped to interact with others in the industry. Experts predict the international market will continue to grow, and those nine companies are poised to take advantage of that growth, thanks to their own growth and current size.

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