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Best Closing Strategies in B2B Sales

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Best Closing Strategies for B2B Sales


Strong closing skills can make the difference between a successful sale and a lead that doesn’t convert. Successful B2B salespeople understand it takes a strategic approach to provide that final push a lead sometimes needs to make a purchase decision.

With multiple obstacles, including information overload, budget limitation, or a complex buying journey, strategies for closing sales in B2B can help a prospect make the right decision without being too pushy.

Top Strategies for Closing Sales in B2B

Use the following closing strategies to shorten your B2B sales cycle and provide prospects with the confidence they need to make a decision.

Establish a Dialogue

Information overload is a widespread issue in B2B sales. You can simplify things for your prospect and boost their confidence by actively listening to figure out what they need before tailoring your message.

It’s a strategy you can use throughout the different stages of the buying journey, but you can take a more direct approach during closing. Ask your prospect what it would take for them to make a purchase today.

This question might seem blunt, but it will help you establish a genuine dialogue. Ask more questions to get to the bottom of what your prospect needs. For instance, a prospect asking for more time might actually need more information.

Reiterate the Benefits

For organizations considering multiple vendors, keeping the details of your offer and pricing in mind can be a challenge.

You can address this obstacle by summarizing everything you’ve discussed with the prospect so far. Reiterate the details of your offer and go further by connecting specific product features with the top needs and pain points the prospects have expressed.

This closing strategy aligns with solution selling, a trend that is shaping B2B sales as more salespeople design customized solutions in response to a problem the prospect is experiencing.

Besides reiterating the value you can offer, your summary will provide the prospect with a valuable tool for comparing your offer to what other vendors have put on the table.

Introduce a Sense of Urgency

Setting a deadline for making a decision can be the nudge a prospect needs to make a decision. This push can be an excellent strategy for complex buying environments where an entire team must agree on a buying decision.

Let the prospect know that you can’t guarantee a discount price or another benefit past a specific deadline without being too pushy. This strategy works best with value-conscious buyers who have a strong interest in your offer.

Closing as a Condition

With customized solutions shaping B2B sales, prospects will likely reach out and ask for features or discounts. Building a customized package can help you stand out as a partner for success, but it’s also something you can leverage during closing.

Once you understand the prospect’s top priorities well, introduce closing as a condition for getting a key feature the prospect is requesting.

This approach will make the prospect realize they have to commit to secure the package you have been putting together for them.

Offer a Test Drive

In 2021, 35% of B2B buyers opted for a self-serve approach during the ordering phase of their journey. Human interactions, whether remote or in-person, still dominate the final buying phase, but failing to offer a self-serve option means you’re potentially overlooking the preference of more than a third of your audience.

Offering a free trial the prospect can sign up for on their own is a great way to get them to engage with the product. It’s an excellent research tool, and it can demonstrate the value of the solution you offer better than any sales pitch.

A free trial is an incredibly powerful touchpoint in the buying journey. It can result in more sales if you integrate it into the purchase activity; for instance, having the accessible version of a B2B digital product display prompts for purchasing to unlock more features.

Find and Research Prospects with IndustrySelect

Choosing the right closing strategy is easier if you know your prospect well. The first step of getting to know your prospects and tailoring your message to their needs is researching their organization.

IndustrySelect can help you target the right B2B prospects and deliver a customized experience with nearly half a million detailed industrial business profiles available. Register for a free demo today to get started!


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