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Measuring Success in B2B Email Marketing

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, September 16, 2019

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Any competent business-to-business (B2B) marketing professional knows that multiple tools should be used to accrue and maintain clients. One such tool is email marketing. Here's a rundown on why email marketing is still a useful B2B marketing tool in 2019 and the metrics you should be monitoring when running your email marketing campaign.

Is Email marketing Still Effective? 

A strange myth has begun circulating in marketing circles: "Email marketing isn't as effective as it used to be." Frequently, these comments are accompanied by a statement glorifying social media influencer marketing or other trendy marketing strategies.

Fortunately, it's false. According to a recent study by McKinsey and Company, email marketing campaigns are, on average, 40 times more effective than social media campaigns. They also accelerate the buying process by 300% when compared to social media marketing strategies.

Additionally, while around 70% of U.S. adults use Facebook, approximately 90% use email, making it the most consistent way to reach potential clients. Simply put, email marketing is here to stay.

Email campaigns that use current and well-researched data to prospect potential clients have an average ROI of 3,800% - that's $38 in return for every dollar spent on an email campaign. The takeaway here is that if you have a great email campaign tailored to your brand's voice and use good data to get it to the right prospects, you'll see positive results.

Email marketing metrics you should be paying attention to (and what to shoot for)

There are a variety of metrics you should be monitoring for your email marketing campaigns:

Open-rate - how many individuals open your emails. Open rates are the most straightforward metric to track.

Click-through-rate (CTR) - how many individuals click on links in your emails. Combined with open rates, CTRs are a vital indicator of how many clients or prospects actually want to see your emails. Companies that average 16-30 email campaigns a month have a median open rate of 32.4% and a median CTR of 6.5%. Aim to match those statistics if you'd like to see success. If your emails aren't hitting the open rate and CTR metrics you'd like, it's time to start troubleshooting.

Unsubscribe rate - how often individuals unsubscribe from your email campaigns. Obviously, the lower this figure is, the better. Seventy-eight percent of email recipients unsubscribe because they either receive too many emails or find the information contained in those emails useless. In other words, if your emails just act as literary cold calls for potential clients, you're setting yourself up for failure.

You should aim to make your brand a thought leader in its industry, and your email campaigns should play a role in that goal. Make a point of including links to articles or information (preferably generated by your own business) that clients in your industry would find useful.

Share data that they can use. Incorporate copywriting in your emails that simultaneously reflects your brand and shares valuable information with your email recipients.

If you're having trouble maintaining subscribers, these practices can significantly increase the success of your email marketing campaigns. Even if they don't entice a prospect to purchase your product or service, they'll build trust and establish you as an industry leader in that prospect's mind.

In other words, even the clients you don't win over will be won over but only if you handle your email marketing campaigns correctly.

 • Click-to-open rate (CTOR) - the percentage of individuals who opened the email that clicked on a link contained within. In conjunction with CTRs, CTORs are invaluable metrics for judging how many individuals are following links you include in your emails. The industry standard for CTORs hovers at 20-30% for promotional campaigns (campaigns you send out) and 30-40% for triggered campaigns (campaigns people sign up for). Use these figures as benchmarks, then strive for progressively higher values as you tailor your email campaigns.

A Successful Email Campaign Begins With The Right Data

Once you start tracking these metrics, you're well on your way to crafting the perfect email campaign for your company. But you don't have to do it alone. If you're looking for help deciding which prospects your email campaigns go to, there's no better service than IndustrySelect.

Subscribers to IndustrySelect can receive up to 30 industry-specific data points to help them identify and prequalify the best leads. Profiles also include names, titles and email addresses for hard-to-reach executive decision-makers, giving you all the data you need to prospect the right targets.

All IndustrySelect data is hand-verified by MNI's 80-person data research staff. That way, you know when you send emails out to your IndustrySelect-identified prospects, you're on the right track.

To learn more about how IndustrySelect can take the pain out of prospecting and help you increase the success of your marketing campaigns, visit our website.

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