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Top Machine Tool Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Thursday, November 14, 2019



Salespeople and marketers in the manufacturing industry need to understand the ins and outs of specific markets fully to be successful.

This article covers the nine fastest-growing machine tool manufacturers in the U.S. so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Globally, the machine tools market is experiencing historical success.

The market was valued at $106 billion in 2018 and is predicted to increase in value by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 6% to reach $150 billion by 2024. The CNC machine tool market alone is expected to value $101.13 billion globally by 2025.

Currently, China occupies 32.5% of the global share of the machine tools market.

The U.S. is a runner-up with 11.1%, while Germany takes third place with 8.3%.

The dominance of the Asian region on the market has resulted in U.S. manufacturers having less success in obtaining cutting-edge machine tools.

However, the U.S. market for machine tools is still strong. U.S. machine tools consumption is predicted to value over $7.7 billion over the course of 2019, and they are still an active player in the market overall.

Potential negative impacts for the machine tools market in the U.S. include President Donald Trump's steel tariffs and a possible 2020 global recession.

While both of these factors could negatively impact the market, the market is currently healthy.

Without further ado, here are the nine fastest-growing machine tool manufacturers in the U.S.

Fastest-Growing Machine Tool Manufacturers in the U.S.

Kaba Ilco Corp.633Rocky MountNC
Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.300Loves ParkIL
OMAX Corporation130KentWA
LH Carbide Corp.101Fort WayneIN
MAG Automotive LLC100Sterling HeightsMI
Garr Tool Co.90AlmaMI
AMAMCO Tool & Supply Co., Inc.88DuncanSC
Horn U. S. A., Inc.60FranklinTN
Gehring L. P.50Farmington HillsMI

About the Fastest-Growing Machine Tool Manufacturers

1: Kaba Ilco Corp.

Kaba Ilco's Rocky Mount, North Carolina, worksite currently houses 633 employees. Kaba produces high-quality key blanks and key machines, as well as brass replacement cylinders.

2: Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.

Three hundred workers presently call Gleason Cutting Tools' Loves Park, Illinois, plant home. Gleason specializes in manufacturing cutting tools.

3: OMAX Corporation

OMAX employs 130 employees at the company's Kent, Washington, location. OMAX creates precision multi-axis abrasive waterjet systems for manufacturers across the globe.

4: LH Carbide Corp.

One hundred-and-one workers call Fort Wayne, Indiana, home while working for LH Carbide.

LH Carbide focuses on carbide and steel lamination, as well as progressive terminal dies.

5: MAG Automotive LLC

At Sterling Heights, Michigan, MAG Automotive houses 100 employees. MAG produces production systems, modular transfer line machinery, special machine tools, and machine refurbishments for clients.

6: Garr Tool Co.

Garr Tool's Alma, Michigan, location is currently home to 90 employees. Garr manufactures carbide cutting tools.

7: AMAMCO Tool & Supply Co., Inc.

AMAMCO presently calls on 88 employees at its Duncan, South Carolina, worksite.

AMAMCO specializes in solid carbide cutting tools, reflecting the increased need for specialized cutting tools.

8: Horn U. S. A., Inc.

Horn's Franklin, Tennessee, plant is currently home to 60 employees.

Horn also produces cutting tools but focuses on tungsten and carbide cutting tools specifically.

9: Gehring L. P.

Fifty workers call Gehring's Farmington Hills, Michigan, plant home. Gehring creates machines focused on honing, tooling, and abrasives - including research and development for cutting-edge honing machinery.

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