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7 Tips for Lead Gen Success

Posted by Kati McDermith- Training Coordinator for MNI on Monday, July 29, 2019


Lead generation can be terrifying for newcomers and the experienced alike. We step out of our comfort zones and talk to people on a phone (gasp)! We don’t hide behind chats, or texts, or spam emails. We pick up the phone and actively pursue business.

Some of us do this to sell a product or service, and some of us do this to secure an appointment for salespeople to secure business.

Whether you're in telemarketing or lead generation, I want to give you a few tips to help you succeed in building a highly successful sales funnel.

List/Lead Quality

The unsung hero in all your research has to be the list itself. Whether you work from a list supplied to you or you purchase a list. It is important to any lead gen program to have a quality list that is updated regularly.

There is nothing more frustrating or embarrassing for a telemarketer than to repeatedly dial companies that are no longer in business or to ask for key people that are no longer there, or worse yet, deceased!

In the 16 years I was in Lead Generation I have only come across one great list / database, and that is IndustrySelect through MNI. Easy to navigate, I can build my lists around where my salespeople are planning to go, or what industries are a good fit, and I can even choose the size of company I want to target.

The real winner here is the quality of the leads. The accuracy of the information in IndustrySelect allowed me to remove one whole step in my process. I no longer need to pre-qualify leads. The information I was looking was consistently accurate.

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There is some disagreement on this topic in the telemarketing/Lead gen world. Mainly with archaic managers who think you must use an exact script and abide by it all cost. In this world of robots and spambots, the last thing you should strive for is robotic and boring script.

I do, however, fully support being prepared for whatever might come up on a call. You should be able to act quickly and be confident in your ability, your salespersons ability and the company you are promoting.

I challenge you to a game of Objection Perfection!

Do you remember the old Perfection game that was loud and anxiety ridden? The game involved these tiny little shapes you had to fit into ridiculously small holes while a noisy timer almost certainly kept you aware of the impending explosion.perfection

Here’s how the Objection Perfection game works: you need 2 people, 1 Perfection game and a list of all the possible objections you could hear in a conversation with a potential customer.

First, make your list of objections (no time, no money, my brother-in-law is our staple supplier, etc.) and then decide your retort for each and memorize them.

One person reads the objections one after another and the other needs to overcome the objections all whilst trying to fit all the pieces in the perfection game before the timer stops.

This will make you a #willnottakenoforananswer master! It is stressful but very good practice. Have fun with a whole team trying this game.



Start Early. I have found that starting your calls right away when you get in the office sets the tone for a productive day. Every company has their own goals and metrics, but I find that making 20 calls an hour is reasonable, depending on the other work you are required to do.

If you use an auto dialer and only need to document the call and close it, you may be able to make more than 20 an hour.

If you have a lot of pre call planning and research to do as well as post call admin duties, you may make less than 20 an hour.

Expect hang ups and not interesteds. Do not take it personally. Call at a different time next time you try. Businesses get tons of calls a day and you must stand out.


This is where you stand out. This comes in to play most when you need the gatekeeper or non-decision makers help in getting to the decision maker. The gatekeeper’s job is to keep you achievement-3612401__340from getting to the decision maker. A lot of them are just very good at it!

Build rapport with them. Try sports, news, weather, new movie, etc. Make it a goal to move toward the DM (decision maker) in every call / attempt. Getting an email, an extension, a voice mail, etc. work with your gatekeeper and get them on your side.

Try your hardest to not sell to them, just earn their trust and get them on your side. Talk to them as if they are your friend. Do Not Call—don’t be discouraged!

Pre-Call Planning

Know who you are calling. Look into their profile and see what kind of business they do and the list of executives you might want to reach out to. This works best when you have a good database / list.

Google the company to get news on them. Look at their website; they will often list awards and events of significance there. Congratulate them on the supplier of the year award, ask them how their remodel went, etc.

IndustrySelect is awesome here again! You get so much information on a company in their profiles. You will even find related news articles in the company profiles so you can stay on top of interesting developments!

Product Knowledge

Know what you are talking about! As a female in the manufacturing industry, I can tell you there are still stigmas out there and that is normal and OK.

If you are strong in the knowledge of the industry you are selling into and know the pain points the end user has, and most importantly, if you are knowledgeable about the product and your company, not only will you be more confident going into any call, but when it matters, you can answer the questions.

Ask For Something

Always ask for something on a call, whether it be a phone number or an email or an extension—something is better than nothing. Know your ultimate goal of each call and, if anything, ask if it would be OK to mail them a brochure or email them marketing materials

I hope that you have found my tips for lead generation helpful.

What are some of your winning tactics? What are some obstacles you face? I wonder if any of you have tried the Objection Perfection with your sales teams. Please Let me know in the comments!

About the Author:

kati_croppedMy name is Kati. I have 16 years of experience in telemarketing/lead generation in many different areas of business, from party supplies to mail order prescriptions to fasteners.

My experience with IndustrySelect goes back to the inception of the program back in 2011. I was so impressed with the quality of the data and ease of use that I had to come to MNI and show others how to use it.

It is my passion and my goal to support Lead Generators in achieving their goals in what can all too often be a brutal and thankless job. Feel free to reach out to me for more tips and suggestions.


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