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Perfecting the Pitch (Part Two): 6 Things Every Sales Pitch Needs

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, November 4, 2019

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In the first part of our "Perfect the Pitch" series, we covered how salespeople and marketers in the manufacturing industry can identify when a pitch isn't working. We gave you some tips for understanding what manufacturers are looking for in a pitch and the best times to pitch to manufacturers.

Today, we're going to be taking this series one step further by covering how you can write a sales pitch that will convert prospects into clients.

We'll be covering six vital elements every successful sales pitch targeted towards manufacturers needs to account for.

1: Understand the Power of the Salesperson

Once upon a time, the salesperson held power over the buyer during the pitching phase. That's no longer true, particularly in B2B sales.

Today, there is an average of seven decision-makers in any B2B sales group. Thanks to the internet, those decision-makers have already done research and identified their top prospects long before you start your pitch.

Buyers in the manufacturing industry are no longer looking for salespeople with hard pitches. They're looking for knowledgeable industry experts who can provide them with objectively valid industry advice. If that salesperson happens to have a product or service that targets their needs, all the better. Which brings us to our second point ...

2: Understand Your Target

If you use the same sales pitch for all your prospects, you're destined to fail. You need to understand the unique pain points your prospect's company has and tailor your sales pitch towards those pain points specifically.

Research should account for a significant portion of the time it takes you to write your pitch. For in-depth information on researching leads, read our post: How to Research B2B Sales Leads like a Pro.

3: Focus on Crafting your Pitch as a Story with Two Principal Characters - the Salesperson and the Target

In the first part of this series, we talked a little bit about the importance of having a dialogue-driven sales pitch that revolves around a narrative.

There should be two characters in your pitch: yourself (the salesperson) or your company, and the prospect or their company. Your goal should be to create a dialogue between these characters. The more you can get the target to participate in the pitch, the more you draw them into your narrative.

4: Identify your Hook

Just like any good story, the best sales pitches start with a hook to draw the target in. Your hook should capitalize on the research you've done to understand the prospect and their needs.

For example, if you're targeting a manufacturer renowned for their emphasis on safety features, touch on that in your hook. Acknowledge what the target's company is doing well, and then point towards a problem you know they have. Then, set up how your product or service can solve that problem.

5: Give Yourself some Back-up with Facts

If you're dealing with an experienced buyer - particularly in the manufacturing industry, where purchases are expensive, and stakes are high - having the charisma of James Bond won't guarantee you sales. What will net you sales is having objectively sound industry knowledge and data that back up your statements about your product or service.

Any experienced buyer will want to know they're dealing with an industry expert. By acknowledging a buyer's specific pain points and how those details affect their success in their overall industry, you've established yourself as an insider.

The next step is to back up the pitch surrounding your product or service with specific data, such as use cases, testimonials and A/B tests. Use those elements correctly, and you'll set yourself apart from the pack.

6: Ask for the Sale - and Follow Up

A whopping 85% of pitches end without the salesperson asking for the sale.

You should be confident enough in your product or service to ask the client to close the deal. Don't be pushy - let them know you'll follow up if they need more time to think - but at least make the offer.

Importantly, do follow up. Send at least two follow-up emails to prospects - sending one runs the risk of going unnoticed, but send more than three, and you look desperate. Strike a balance by sending two (preferably with useful materials attached) and leave it there.

By applying these tips to your pitch, you should end up with an irresistible sales pitch for targeting manufacturers.

Targeting B2B Leads in Manufacturing

If you need to know more about a target but aren't sure where to start, IndustrySelect can help. An IndustrySelect subscription can put you on a first-name basis with nearly 400,000 U.S. U.S. manufacturing companies. Subscribers can select up to 30 data points on any industrial company in the U.S. to help identify or pre-qualify leads. Company profiles also include the contact information for hard-to-find executive decision-makers.Try a free demo today!

Is your sales pitch ready to go? Check out Part Three of this series:  5 Pro Tips for Closing the Deal

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