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Get in Front of Your Ideal Customers with Industrial Prospecting and Appointment Setting Services

Tell Us More About Your Goals:

Get your sales team in front of key decision makers at your ideal manufacturing customers.

Here's How it Works

We work with industrial and manufacturing companies that need to get in front of more qualified decision makers regardless if you have a large or small in-house sales staff. Our job is to understand your sales requirements in order to determine if you want to expand into new territories, cover an absent rep, drive greater sales efficiency with your current team, or need more production from your current areas of responsibility. In essence, we do the heavy lifting of uncovering new business opportunities for you.

Identify: We utilize key industrial data from IndustrySelect to identify true decision makers in your target accounts

Engage: Next, we use proven business development processes to help achieve the outreach of your ideal customer. However, which tools are determined by your sales goals, budget and unique needs.

Nurture: Not every prospect is ready at the same time. We work with each contact until they are ready to engage as their business needs evolve.

Handoff: As the key decision makers are ready for you, we'll hand them off to your sales team in the form of a scheduled meeting. However, we'll work together to ensure the communications are on target to help ensure a smooth transition and a favorable result.

The best way to learn about us is to learn from those who have used our services.

Customer Stories that Produce Results

How an Industrial Air Compressor Distributor Found the Key to Consistent Growth
Result: 30% increase in customer appointments in just 6 months

Transitioning the Sales Model: From Outside to Inside
Result: 39 leads that generated $521k

How Fluid Systems Reversed Sluggish Sales with Expert Partners
Result: Within the first 4 months, our team delivered approximately 40 qualified opportunities within the key target industries.
We closed to 50%, whether it was for new equipment, service, or replacement parts.

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